“All the year I use the same underpants for all the races”: Watch Max Verstappen playing “Never Have I Ever” along with Marc Marquez and Bradley Smith as they reveal some of their secrets

Janmeyjay Shukla
|Published February 01, 2022

Current Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen was joined by Moto GP and E riders Marc Marquez and Bradley Smith in an awkward game.

Four Wheeler world champion meets the Two Wheeler former World champion and runners up. Max Verstappen, Marc Marquez, and Moto E runners-up Bradley Smith. They sat down in a Gondola cable ride to play “Never have I ever” at the European Alps.

The three were sponsored by Red Bull back in 2017 when Max recently won the race in Malaysia a day after his 20th birthday, and Marc wrapped up yet another championship.

The Never I have ever questions

The presenter Andrea Schlager asked funny questions to the sportsmen related to Skiing and motorsports.

All of the three drivers agreed to have done Apres Skiing before. Marc Marquez looks to have a superman trait with himself. When the presenter asked if any of them wore the same underwear for two or more races in a row, Marquez agreed.

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“All the year I use the same underpants for all the races, but of course, I wash them! For Sunday I have my red underpants prepared for the race.”

All the other drivers burst out laughing and then were asked to dance in a Gondola, which they did smoothly.

Would you rather be Max Verstappen or Marc Marquez?

“Both of them have won a race in their championship! So I want to be Max or Marq doesn’t matter.” they appreciated Smith when asked if they wanted to be like one of the people in the Gondola.

Bradley Smith also showcased his yodelling skills when Schlager asked the sportsmen if they knew what “Yodeling” is?

Max Verstappen’s Secret Tinder Name

Now, this was the question which the readers are here for. Did the sportsmen in the Gondola date any grid girls?

When Schlager asked this question, sportsmen took a deep down look in the memory lane. Marquez and Smith agreed that they indeed have dated grid girls. Verstappen was still in his thoughts and did not answer the question.

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However, when asked if they [Verstappen, Marquez, Smith] were on Tinder? The current Formula 1 champion quickly trolled the presenter and said he was with a fake name called “Wonderboy.”

Bradley Smith also agreed that he is on Tinder with a fake name. When asked if he was there with his real name, the Moto E rider replied, “of course not.”

All the three enjoyed a wonderful Skiing session afterwards.

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