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Fans Look to the Skies as the Natural Phenomenon Predicts Charles Leclerc Winning Monaco

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Fans Look to the Skies as the Natural Phenomenon Predicts Charles Leclerc Winning Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix weekend is almost here, and Charles Leclerc will be hoping to finally have a good one. Having not enjoyed the best of luck in any of his previous home races, the Ferrari driver will be looking to finally turn the tide in his favor. And it looks like the skies in Monaco also want the same, with fans believing a natural phenomenon to be a good luck charm for Leclerc. 

Having first taken part in the Monaco Grand Prix in 2018, Charles Leclerc has only been able to complete the weekend twice. Mostly crashing and DNFing from the race, the 26-year-old came awfully close to winning in 2022. However, a double-stacking nightmare from Ferrari meant he wouldn’t even be on the podium. 

The following year, a rain-soaked race meant drivers would mostly be cautious throughout the race. Hence, Leclerc finished in the same position he started – P6. 

However, things seem positive for Ferrari this year, as they have closed down on the gap to Red Bull significantly. With Carlos Sainz already registering a race win this season, fans want Leclerc to also stand atop the podium in Monaco. And the signs suggest the #16 driver could be looking at a home race redemption later this week.

On Thursday night, the moon carried a red hue to it, reminding fans of the red of Ferrari. It soon led to Leclerc fans taking over X (formerly Twitter) and referring to the same as a sign of good things for him.

Red Moon indicating a victory for Charles Leclerc

With the Ferrari color taking over the face of the moon, fans don’t see why the Italian team wouldn’t be able to win the race in Monaco. Given his terrible past during the weekend, most fans are sure Charles Leclerc is winning this one.

On a track where overtaking is near impossible, a good Qualifying session becomes all-important. Over the last two seasons, Ferrari has often been the fastest team over one lap and has done well in Qualifying. As such, Leclerc will be hoping for yet another positive Qualifying session, and from there on, it will only be about making no mistakes.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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Naman Gopal Srivastava

Naman Gopal Srivastava


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