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Ferrari Bring In Game-Changing Upgrades After Poaching the Brains Behind Red Bull Success

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Ferrari Bring In Game-Changing Upgrades After Poaching the Brains Behind Red Bull Success

Ferrari has faced allegations from F1 experts of potentially ‘copying’ the Red Bull car and its design ever since the 2023 season. It all started in Barcelona when the Italian outfit got rid of their previous side pod concept. They did away with a fancy arch and opted for a sidewash concept instead. However, the officials from Ferrari continue to deny all such claims. While such claims had died down for a while, they made a return thanks to the upcoming aerodynamic changes to the SF-24, which Ferrari have managed to implement by poaching some of Red Bull’s top talent.

Debuting in Imola later this season, the upgraded SF-24 will feature the first of three aerodynamic upgrades to the car. As per a report from Motorsport Italy, the aerodynamic concept of the SF-24 will be very similar to what Adrian Newey developed for the RB20.

The upgrade package will feature a reworked mouth for the radiators, which works as the entrance to the car’s belly. Looking to achieve greater aerodynamic efficiency, the package will also see Ferrari get rid of the lower tray and come up with an inverted solution.

The solution should help the car gain a smaller grip while also allowing the various air flows to be separated more effectively. While many experts believe the concept to be a copy of what Red Bull has already implemented, it actually is a benefit of the market movements made in 2023.

As per reports, the upcoming version of the SF-24 went into production long before the 2024 season began. People who saw the RB20 in its gestation period became Ferrari members and brought the ideas with them.

While Ferrari’s Head of Vehicle concept, Diego Tondi, worked on one version of the car, the Italian outfit ran a parallel program with a different setup of the car. With work nearly complete on the setup, Ferrari feels confident and ready to launch the same.

However, Carlos Sainz feels Red Bull may comfortably pull away by the time Ferrari launch their upgrade.

Carlos Sainz feels Ferrari might be too late with their upgrade

As things stand, Ferrari is the closest rival to Red Bull in terms of competing for the championship. Despite facing challenges in performances, the Italian outfit stands as the only team to defeat Red Bull in 2023 and 2024 (so far).

Moreover, a Ferrari driver has been on the podium in each of the four races this season, with Carlos Sainz even picking up the winner’s trophy in Australia. However, Red Bull continues to lead in the Constructors’ Championship thanks to the three race wins by Max Verstappen.

Hence, Red Bull still continue to have the edge over Ferrari. While an upgrade by Ferrari could bring the two teams closer as the season rages on, Sainz believes they will come “too late” for the team.

I think they are definitely going to have an advantage in the first third of the season until we bring one or two upgrades that makes us fight them more consistently. But by that time maybe it’s a bit too late with the advantage that they might have in the championship,” explained Sainz.

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