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“He Is a Liability”: Aston Martin Can’t Aim High With Lance Stroll’s Services; Claims F1 Expert

Vidit Dhawan

“He Is a Liability”: Aston Martin Can’t Aim High With Lance Stroll’s Services; Claims F1 Expert

Lance Stroll continues to underperform compared to Aston Martin teammate Fernando Alonso, which many believe is hampering the team’s ambitions in the constructors’ championship. Because of this, an F1 expert labels Stroll as a “liability”. To him, even though very few can match two-time champion Alonso’s abilities, Stroll’s gap to him has been nothing short of surprising.

Josh Suttill, on an episode of The Race F1 podcast, shared his thoughts on Aston Martin’s chances of winning with Stroll in one of their cars. “I don’t think that Aston Martin can ever win the world Constructors’ Championship with Lance Stroll on the team. Until there is a significant increase in Stroll’s progress“.

The expert added that “he is a liability” and that he will continue to be one. Still, Suttill does not see team owner Lawrence Stroll firing his son, even though it is hurting his own team’s progress.

Suttill believes that the only way Aston Martin can win the championship with Stroll is if they have a Red Bull-like advantage. The Milton Keynes-based outfit dominated last year’s championship despite Sergio Perez winning only two of the 22 races the entire campaign (Max Verstappen won 19).

Therefore, Suttill’s point is noteworthy as a similar level of difference in quality seems to be seen between Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso. Even this season, the Spaniard has already scored 24 points for the team after the first four races, whereas Stroll has just scored nine.

Lance Stroll had bigger love for tennis than F1

Lance Stroll’s love for playing tennis isn’t a secret. The 25-year-old, once admitted that he is “pretty good” at the sport, although, it would take some doing to beat stars like Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz.

Stroll made these remarks after David Croft suggested last year, that the Canadian was possibly seeking a career away from motorsports, thus explaining his underperformance. Furthermore, it was reported that Stroll was only in F1 because his father wanted him to. It is also noteworthy that Lawrence Stroll made over a $100 million from his son’s racing career.

Since Lawrence has always been a fan of F1, he wants his son to share his love for the sport. The Canadian billionaire also revealed in an episode of F1’s Beyond the Grid that he himself took part in several racing ventures like Grand Am in the past.

On the other hand, Lawrence has a business and a team to run. If Lance cannot fulfill the team’s long-term ambitions, he could be forced to make a very tough call.

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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