“His results speak for themselves”: Nikita Mazepin slams Mick Schumacher on his recent poor performances in 2022

Ananya Bangera
|Published June 16, 2022

Nikita Mazepin slams Mick Schumacher while hinting at a comeback to Formula 1 as he was axed by Haas amidst the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The Russian is unimpressed by the results of his former teammate, Mick Schumacher, who is having a hard time adjusting to the car.

Mazepin raced for Haas in 2021, but the American team terminated his contract before the start of the 2022 season as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, this year has been very difficult for Schumacher Jr. The 23-year-old has already crashed twice, costing his team a significant amount of money. Furthermore, despite Haas’s improvement in 2022, he is yet to score a point in Formula One.

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Speaking on Schumacher’s performance, Nikita made quite brutal remarks and said “Mick? His results speak for themselves – there is nothing to add.”

Despite not finishing in the points last year, Schumacher outperformed Mazepin on the majority of occasions. However, this year, the German has struggled to match Magnussen’s experience, both in Formula One and with Haas.

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Mazepin went on to discuss his connection with Haas since leaving and criticized the lack of communication from team members. He further told the Russian media outlet Le Championat that he hoped his sports career is far from ending.

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Nikita Mazepin feels hopeful of a Formula 1 comeback

After losing his position with Haas during pre-season testing, Nikita Mazepin is still hopeful of returning to Formula 1. Even though, all F1 teams are hesitant of hiring a Russian driver, amidst the current geopolitical conflict.

Mazepin did not get off to the best start in F1, and he was replaced by Magnussen ahead of the season. He is, however, willing to return to Formula One if given the chance.

He said, “I will get behind the wheel immediately at the first opportunity. I think if Kevin had been asked at the end of February if he would drive a Formula 1 car in a week’s time, he would definitely have said ‘no’.”

“Four months ago, I couldn’t imagine that everything would change so much. And now I can’t imagine that everything will be fine in another four months, but I hope so, anything is possible.” He added.

Currently, the Russian driver is not racing. He remains hopeful, though, that his situation will improve. But it’s Magnussen’s comeback that gives hope to Mazepin that he, too, could return to Formula One at some point in the future.

Mazepin further said “Magnussen is in good shape after his break, he has proven himself, and I plan to do exactly the same to repeat his success story,”

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