“I can’t remember any incident where Lando drove dangerously”– McLaren Boss urges penalty review amidst Lando Norris race ban scare

Tanish Chachra
|Published January 23, 2022

McLaren boss Zak Brown urges FIA to review penalty points of Lando Norris as it could lead to his getting a one-race ban in 2022.

Every F1 driver would be liable to a one-race ban if they amass 12-points in a calendar year. Since the kick-start of that rule, no driver has received that ban.

Burt Sergio Perez and Yuki Tsunoda, with seven and eight points on their name, are near to the ban. But it’s McLaren’s CEO Zak Brown who is worried about Lando Norris, even though the Briton has only five points on his card.

Those points are going nowhere until the end of Azerbaijan GP. Brown insists that FIA review Norris’ case, as he thinks the stewards got too harsh on him. He also claims that Norris was only one incident away from a race ban last year.

“I can’t remember any incident where Lando drove dangerously,” Brown told Motorsport-total.com. “We wrote to the FIA and Formula One with seven races to go and said Lando pushing Perez off the track without touching him is one race away from losing his licence.”

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“I think the points should be about dangerous driving, not racing incidents.”

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McLaren boss understands everyone is busy with Abu Dhabi

Meanwhile, while insisting the governing body look into Norris’ case, Brown understands that they are busy with the findings of the Abu Dhabi GP 2021. However, he maintains that Norris shall not be penalized for something that isn’t worthy of this action.

“I’m more interested in getting things like this resolved because we were concerned about Lando. I understand, of course, everyone is focused on Abu Dhabi, but I look at the last two years. And there’s a lot to clean up,” said Brown.

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