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“I Was Lucky”: Lando Norris Responds to Wholesome Grandma Post by Alex Albon

Nischay Rathore

“I Was Lucky”: Lando Norris Responds to Wholesome Grandma Post by Alex Albon

Earlier today, Alex Albon posted a picture of his grandmother with Lando Norris. The Thai driver also revealed a chat where his grandma confessed that meeting the McLaren driver was achieving a dream for her. Norris has now responded to the post going viral on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

The 24-year-old posted the same picture with Albon’s grandmother via an Instagram story. Under the picture, Norris wrote, “I was lucky to get a photo with her.” Before taking the selfie with Norris, Albon’s grandmother told him about her relationship with the 28-year-old.

In the screenshot of the chat shared by the Williams driver, she wrote, “Look who I found at Narita airport. I just called him and told him I am Alex’s grandmom. Achieve one of my dreams. Let Alex know so Lando won’t think an old lady just made a claim to take a photo with him.”

Despite the four-year gap, Lando Norris (24) and Alex Albon (28) often drove against each other while growing up. Both are fierce competitors on the track and demand nothing but excellence from themselves. However, Albon’s grandmother’s allegiance may have found its way to the other camp.

Lando Norris ready to take the Japan challenge

Formula 1 is currently going through its phase of Asian fixtures. After the completion of the Australian GP, the drivers and the teams will now move on to Japan.

Alex Albon’s grandmother is perhaps there in Japan to see her grandson (or Lando Norris) race. That would perhaps explain her encounter with the 24-year-old at the airport.

Given the momentum McLaren is carrying, Norris certainly looks to be the clear favorite between the two. The Papaya driver registered his first podium finish of the season in Australia. The shorter straights helped the MCL38 beat Sergio Perez’s RB20 (Max Verstappen retired earlier in the race).

The Suzuka track, however, could throw the Woking outfit a curveball. While there are two longer straights (unfavorable for McLaren), there are enough high-medium speed corners that can prove to be helpful as well.

Another factor that can prove to be a nightmare for the strategists is the rain forecast. A high downforce setting, a favorable setup for rain, can turn out to be a nightmare if the race remains dry.

Fortunately, that is a factor that is not a headache for McLaren alone. The rain-induced uncertainty can easily play in the Papaya team’s favor as well. Who knows, it might even result in a win for Lando Norris.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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