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“I would do anything you want”- Behind her eyes star begged Brad Pitt to be in Lewis Hamilton commercially backed F1 movie

Somin Bhattacharjee
|Wed Aug 17 2022

Formula 1 is rapidly growing in the United States, and multiple celebrities including Eve Hewson have become fans of the sport.

Netflix released Drive to Survive back in 2019 and it turned out to be a game-changer for the sport. The docu-series became immensely popular, as it followed the life of F1 stars on and off the track. The show has had four seasons so far, and the sport’s popularity keeps growing every single year.

The United States in particular has become an ever-increasing market for F1. Before the show’s release, the only race hosted in America was the annual US GP in Austin. In next year’s calendar, we are going to see three races take place in the US. Miami already hosted its first F1 race this season, and Las Vegas will be added in 2023.

F1’s growth has also led to a number of celebrities being drawn into the sport’s ecosystem. We have seen some very famous stars attend F1 races over the last few years, including LeBron James, Brad Pritt, and Tom Cruise to name a few.

One more superstar from Hollywood recently revealed how much she started liking Formula 1 in the last few months.

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Eve Hewson compares Formula 1 drivers to a ‘boy band’

The main focus of interest for most new F1 fans was the drivers. They all lead extremely glamorous lives when they’re not driving around at a speed of 200 mph, and that was very appealing to newer fans of the sport.

On top of that, the drama added by the producers of the show really spiced up Drive to Survive. The show has now been renewed for seasons five and six, so it’s only going to add to the show’s growth. While there has been criticism regarding the added drama, most drivers and  teams recognize it’s importance in making F1 more popular.

Eve Hewson, is a popular Hollywood actress who has starred in some huge films like Bridge of Spies and Robin Hood. Recently, she attended Jimmy Fallon’s ‘The Tonight Show’, where she spoke about her love for F1.

She revealed how she got hooked to show while watching Drive to Survive during the pandemic. Hewson also admits that her main reason for following the sport is it’s drivers, who she compares to a ‘gorgeous boy band’.

How Even Hewson begged Brad Pitt to let her be in Lewis Hamilton movie

During Fallon’s show, Hewson also spoke of how much she wanted to star in an F1 movie. Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt is producing a film on the sport, and his manager is the same as Hewson’s.

When she got to know that Pitt was making a movie about F1 she told her manager, “Get Brad Pitt on the phone right now!”

“She called him,” Hewson continued. “And I said I would do anything in the movie. I will have one line, I will be in the pit-crew, I will do whatever you want!”

According to Hewson, Pitt praised her on call and told her how much he loved ‘Behind your eyes’. “You’re in it, kid,” Pitt told her on call, revealing to her that her request had been granted.

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