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James Vowles Confirms a ‘Decision’ on Logan Sargeant Would Need to Be Made Amidst His Continued Struggles

Aishwary Gaonkar

James Vowles Confirms a ‘Decision’ on Logan Sargeant Would Need to Be Made Amidst His Continued Struggles

Logan Sargeant has been one of the drivers under threat of losing his seat for the 2025 season. Now, Williams boss James Vowles has given an update on the urgency to make a final decision on the American driver’s future. Vowles stated in Silverstone that they understand the importance of picking the right driver for 2025 and beyond.

Per Sky Sports, Vowles said, “There will be a line in the sand where we have to make a decision… both for ’25 and maybe for something this year”. While it is still uncertain whether Williams opt to have a mid-season driver change, Vowles’ comment has hinted at the same.

However, ideally, Sargeant would want to see out this season by trying to prove himself and try to retain his seat. So far this year, the American driver just hasn’t lived up to the expectations that Williams had. While Alex Albon has looked to score points and has got two points for the Grove outfit, Sargeant is yet to score again this season.

This is also down to Williams not having a fast enough car in 2024. However, Sargeant has been way off Albon’s pace just like last season, and has had his fair share of incidents as well.

Moreover, since the Grove outfit also has higher ambitions to move up the pecking order, they cannot afford the huge damage bills courtesy of Sargeant. Therefore, reports have claimed that Vowles is already looking to replace Sargeant.

How Vowles is targeting Carlos Sainz to replace Sargeant?

Williams and James Vowles have suddenly started to make noises as an ambitious midfield team even though they have taken a step back in performance in 2024. Regardless, the former Mercedes strategist is pushing the team towards a major performance leap with the 2026 regulations on the horizon.

Thus, Vowles wants to have the best driver lineup possible. Now, with Carlos Sainz a free agent for 2025 and not having a secure seat, the 44-year-old voiced his interest in signing him for Williams. However, Sainz is taking his time to evaluate all offers on the table, including that of Williams.

This wait may have affected Vowles’ interest as rumors suggest that they are losing patience with the Spaniard and want to secure their 2025 lineup as soon as possible. Now, the rationale behind having a powerful lineup of Sainz and Alex Albon is clearly to push the team into midfield territory and a regular podium contender come 2026.

Whether Vowles can achieve this or not, only time will tell. For now, the British boss is focusing on getting the best-experienced driver to push Williams forward rather than having one hand tied behind its back with Sargeant.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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