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Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc Watch Out! New Driver/Musician To Break the F1 Grid

Mahim Suhalka

Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc Watch Out! New Driver/Musician To Break the F1 Grid

Most F1 drivers are multitalented individuals. Lewis Hamilton has been proving the same for years with his skills on the track, in the world of fashion, and much more. Moreover, the Brit has also teased his musical side even if he is yet to showcase it. Charles Leclerc, on the other hand, has embraced it fully. The Monegasque has not only released multiple singles, but his first ever was also a chart-topper. Now, the two talented F1 drivers might have some competition on and off the track from Liam Lawson in the future.

The F1 hopeful revealed his inclination toward music in a chat on The Red Flags podcast. When asked what other talents he possesses apart from racing, he confessed, “I play the guitar.” He then added, “I just recorded actually. In New Zealand, in a studio, I just recorded a Zach Bryan song, like fully just recorded it.”

When the host jokingly claimed that he is following Leclerc’s footsteps now, Lawson added, “I’m going to try and do it better. But he’s doing piano so it’s different.”

Apart from playing the guitar, Lawson revealed his talents also include singing. However, being self-critical, the 22-year-old admitted he isn’t confident in his voice.

This is exactly why the Red Bull reserve driver doesn’t know what to do with his recorded song. Lawson admitted he has no direction or plans for making music his alternate career. So, even though the two F1 drivers have competition from the New Zealander, they might not need to worry as they gear up for a collaboration.

Charles Leclerc exploring the idea of collaborating with Lewis Hamilton in 2025

Apart from building a working relationship as Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc is exploring the idea of making music with Lewis Hamilton. The Monegasque is keen to take the Brit out of his shell and push the 39-year-old to collaborate with him.

As quoted by Planet F1, Leclerc said, “I don’t know. I haven’t spoken about music too much with Lewis yet. We discussed it last year and he was telling me that he loves music. I’ll speak with him from next year onwards about a potential collaboration.”

F1 fans, especially those of Ferrari, would be eager to see such a collaboration between two top drivers. While there is no secret that both Leclerc and Hamilton are exceptional when it comes to racing, seeing them outside their comfort zones could prove to be a treat for the fans.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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