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Max Verstappen Reveals He Exposes His Personal Computer Under Virus Threat for the Love of Gaming

Sabyasachi Biswas

Max Verstappen Reveals He Exposes His Personal Computer Under Virus Threat for the Love of Gaming

One can call Max Verstappen a full-time gamer and a part-time racing driver. This is because he can go to any extent to make peace with his gaming. Even if he has to sacrifice something for the sake of it, he’s ready to do it, and would not even flinch! Verstappen himself admitted this with a revelation in the latest Red Bull promotional video.

Red Bull paired up with one of their sponsors Arctic Wolf Networks, a leading cybersecurity company based in the United States, where Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez played an interactive role with the crew and answered some of the questions, and they were indeed some interesting ones.

During the quiz, one of the questions for Verstappen was, “Turning off your antivirus to make your computer run faster is a good idea?“. The 26-year-old had to answer this in a true or false format. However, he had other ideas, as letting the guard of his computer down seemed logical. The defending champion went on to reply, “Well, depends if it’s for gaming or not! Cause I do that!

Following this, Verstappen began to laugh at his answer as if he deserved an award for it. Jokes apart, award or not, the Red Bull duo had to destroy the RB20 made up of sand with a water spray as the consequence of delivering the wrong answer.

Notably, the duo also had to answer questions about their individual milestones, but neither of them could answer them on their own. Both Checo and Max could not guess each other’s debut race result. Apparently, both suffered a disqualification [for Perez] or a DNF [for Verstappen] on their F1 debut, but they had to prompt it to each other during this quiz.

What else did Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have to answer?

In the short promotional video, Max Verstappen was also asked if one can share his or her password with a trusted friend, or with a family member. Naturally, the answer would be a big no, but Verstappen, being what he is, said the exact opposite.

He stated, “[Yes], if you trust that family member.” As expected, the answer was wrong, and the duo had to destroy the beautiful sculpted car again. However, before getting to work, the Dutchman revealed, “I would happily share my password with my sister. I trust her.”

The three-time world champion shares a very close bond with his sister Victoria Jane Verstappen. Due to her proximity with age, Max Verstappen is extremely close to her, and he regards his sister as having the same racing talent as him. They often spend time together on vacation, where the F1 star is seen doing his uncle duties to Victoria Jane Verstappen’s kids.

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