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“Maybe when I retire I’ll come back”– Did you know Lewis Hamilton was also a wrestler in Lucha Libre Wrestling?

Janmeyjay Shukla

"Maybe when I retire I'll come back"– Did you know Lewis Hamilton was also a wrestler in Lucha Libre Wrestling?

Lewis Hamilton, one of the top Formula One drivers in the world, also showed off his wrestling skills on a trip to Mexico in 2015.

A short view back to the past when Lewis Hamilton took a break from the hectic Formula 1 schedule ahead of the 2015 Mexico Grand Prix. The seven-times world champion tried his hand at Lucha Libre wrestling in the most bizarre fashion.

One, Two, Oh no! Kick Out! Come on, Lewis Hamilton!

After wrapping up with a victory at the US Grand Prix the previous weekend, the Briton took to the ring during a Lucha Libre promotional event at Arena Mexico. PUMA sponsored the event with the hashtag #HamiltonMx.

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Lewis took on professional wrestler Mistico – his real name is Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde. After an Irish whip to the ropes, Lewis dived on the Mexican wrestler, counted out. He ended up surprising the crowd by delivering a knockout blow and clearly enjoyed himself at the event.

The then soon-to-be world champion was carried around the ring on the shoulders of another wrestler, Mephisto, as the crowd screamed  “Lewis, Lewis, Lewis” after the match.

I’ve seen this on TV, in movies, but to actually be there and be in the ring is really cool

He was gifted a decorative skull with the presenter appreciating Lewis, stating: “This is the way we do it. With candy skulls, decorative skulls. The idea is to celebrate life, your [Lewis] amazing life, please enjo. Pleaseft.”

He then played foosball (table soccer) with the wrestlers & presenters and bid farewell to the crowd by playing the guitar with the Mexican’s quintessential folk-derived musical ensemble, famous The Mariachi.

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Talking about this special event, The Briton stated: “I’ve seen this on TV, in movies, but to actually be there and be in the ring is really cool,” he said.

“They were talking about just doing a very simple maneuver but I wanted to really do it. Hopefully, you were kind of impressed by my wrestling moves. Maybe when I retire I’ll come back,” he added.

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