“No obligation exists on Haas’ side to deliver”- Haas refuse to give Nikita Mazepin’s 2021 car to Uralkali amid settlement issues between the two

Somin Bhattacharjee
|Published April 14, 2022

Haas were supposed to give Uralkali Nikita Mazepin’s 2021 F1 car, but according to reports, the American team are refusing to do so. 

Haas’ year went off to a rocky start off the track. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, their primary sponsor Uralkali and Mazepin’s contracts were terminated. This came even though the Russian company, owned by Mazepin’s father Dimitry, was a major financial contributor for the team.

Many wondered if Haas would be able to function without Uralkali’s money. Owner Gene Haas and team principal Guenther Steiner on the other hand, repeatedly insisted that they would be fine.

Recent reports however suggest that the American team is having financial disputes with Uralkali. Other than sponsorship money, a certain deliverable said that Haas had to present Uralkali with Mazepin’s 2021 car. Dimitry Mazepin’s company claims that it’s a promise that hasn’t been fulfilled.

Responding to these complains, they’re adamant that they won’t pay Uralkali any money. In a letter sent to them, that was viewed and reported by Motorsport.com, they explained why.

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Uralkali have to pay Haas $8 million to get Nikita Mazepin’s car

In their letter, Haas refused to pay $12 million to Uralkali. On top of that, they demand another $8 million from them as compensation for the ‘loss of profits’. They added that they want that money transferred ‘in a matter of days’.

“The claim of Uralkali to obtain the re-payment of the down paid amount of EUR 12,000,000 is therefore ungrounded and rejected,” the letter read. Haas also stated that until they receive $8 million from Uralkali, they would not give them Mazepin’s 2022 car under any circumstances.

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“Unless and until the aforesaid amount will have been paid to Haas. No obligation exists on Haas’ side to deliver and no delivery of the F1 car will occur.”

Sources close to Motorsport.com also report that Mazepin’s former team is holding back from paying him his salary. The 23-year old did take part in pre-season testing for them in Barcelona before his contract was cancelled.

This means that they do owe him a certain amount of money, which according to those sources, they refuse to pay.

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