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Offended Mario Andretti Calls For War Against F1

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Offended Mario Andretti Calls For War Against F1

For years, the Andretti family has been trying to enter the F1 grid as team owners, failing each time. While the original plan was to buy a preexisting team, they eventually decided to field an entirely new stable in association with General Motors (GM). However, even that plan did not find any success owing to another rejection. Now, Mario Andretti is in favor of taking serious action against F1. 

Andretti does not think that his team deserves to be snubbed by the Formula 1 Management. Per AP News, the former world champion detailed that he thought that F1 would welcome a new team as it added value. Per the 84-year-old, the investment to introduce a team was big, and they should have welcomed it. 

Hence, Andretti wants to know what is truly wrong in the process. Furthermore, the authority’s questioning of GM’s ability to provide the team with engines has Andretti seeking “blood.” 

“That’s another offensive statement there. We’re the ones that worked it out, and GM said it over and over, ‘Andretti or nothing,’ and then (F1) still tried to take it. There’s an undercurrent there that I don’t understand, quite honestly, but if they want blood, well, I’m ready.”

F1 rejected Andretti back in January 2024, following a six-month-long review process. The sport questioned whether the addition of an 11th team would be of any substantial value. In the end, they believed that instead of helping F1, it would only benefit Andretti. Nonetheless, Andretti remains motivated that there is still hope for them should there be a few more meetings between them and the F1 management. 

Mario Andretti not giving up on his F1 dream just yet

Per Andretti, the primary reason behind their rejection lies in the fact that they only had one meeting with the F1 management. Hence, he is looking forward to sitting down with the representatives a few more times and ironing out the details to pave the way for their entry into the sport. While certain opportunities have been missed in the past, Mario Andretti wants to focus on the future and make things right. 

“There were some opportunities missed along the way, but we’ve got to look forward, not back. I’m remaining hopeful because we never stop working towards this.”

With a 48,000-square-foot base already active in Silverstone, Andretti is working hard to realize its F1 dream. The American outfit is ready to collaborate with F1 and do whatever the sport asks of them.

Unfortunately, all they get in return are negative statements and excuses such as We don’t want you to be embarrassed“. Nonetheless, Mario Andretti maintains his team is totally up to the task.

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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Naman Gopal Srivastava

Naman Gopal Srivastava


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