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Red Bull boss Christian Horner compares himself with $70 Million football legend

Samriddhi Jaiswal
|Mon Aug 15 2022

Christian Horner gets harshly criticised for how he handles his team but he thinks he is no different than football legend Alex Ferguson. 

Red Bull boss Christian Horner receives a lot of criticism for his actions regarding the team but he does not seem to care much about it.

The entry of Red Bull in F1 has always been an oddity in motorsport. At first, it was looked down upon as just a mere energy drink company rather than a car supplier.

Then comes the different way in which the team works which also attracts a lot of criticism from the team and the boss Horner.

Nevertheless, this barely bothers the British team principal. Horner gives interviews during the races. He had several wars of words with Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff last year. And he seems to enjoy this kind of attention.

Horner said, “If it bothers you, you shouldn’t do the job. My job is to do the best I can for the team and the people I represent.”

The Briton goes to extreme lengths to use every means at his disposal to give his team an advantage against the opponent.

“If I look at somebody like Sir Alex Ferguson, I doubt he ever worried about what perception other managers or people thought about him in the sport,” he further added.

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Christian Horner says it’s very easy to pull Toto Wolff’s chain

Horner and Wolff have shared a tensive relationship between them over the past few years as the rivalry between their respective teams intensified.

It’s fair to say that the rivalry between the two intensified much further last season as Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the championship title in a controversial fashion.

Even though Red Bull and Mercedes are not running up against each other directly this season, the two team bosses have not refrained from taking cheeky swipes at each other.

The Red Bull boss insists that the tension between them isn’t personal, it’s just that Wolff’s easily wound up.

“Toto is Toto. He’s done a phenomenal job with Mercedes and obviously come into the sport from a very different background to me. He’s very much from a financial background,” said Horner.

“And it’s very easy to pull his chain, and you can see it. Sometimes it affects him. So of course, when you’re competing, and last year was so intense and of course, it was the first time he’d ever been in that situation. It’s always interesting to see how people react.

“And when they’re smashing headphones and so on, you can see that you got to them,” he concluded.

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