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Susie Wolff Opens Up on Making Toto Wolff’s ‘Patchwork Family’ Work

Aishwary Gaonkar

Susie Wolff Opens Up on Making Toto Wolff's 'Patchwork Family' Work

Susie Wolff and Toto Wolff’s relationship took immense spotlight for the wrong reasons earlier this year which turned out to be false. While the Wolff couple is as professional as they can be in the F1 paddock, they are doing well in balancing their family life and their marriage as well. Susie Wolff appeared on the REC Parenting podcast to open up about how they make their blended family work.

Toto Wolff was married to his first wife, Stephanie, for a long time and also had two children – Benedict and Rosa. Usually, families can have several challenges in handling such a situation with stepkids, as Susie also has a son named Jack with Toto.

However, she mentioned on the podcast how it is “all about the effort” to make it work. She stated, “We have tried 100%. There is a lot of effort from my stepkids and their mother who wanted her children to have the best childhood.”

Susie further added how they have to keep their emotions aside at times to “always come back to what’s best for the kids”. The 41-year-old highlighted how Toto Wolff’s former wife cooperates and helps them immensely to keep the balance of their ‘patchwork family’.

Be it Christmas or any other holiday get-together, they always manage to get everyone together despite several challenges. Susie cited how no family is perfect and everyone faces their own set of challenges.

Still, she along with Toto Wolff and his former wife have managed to work out their personal lives for the betterment of their children. The F1 Academy managing director cares immensely for her family’s welfare. That is why when her professional integrity came into question with the allegations earlier this year, she gave a fitting response.

Susie Wolff and Toto Wolff fought the ‘information leak’ allegations bravely

Toward the end of 2023, there were ‘conflict of interest’ allegations against Toto and Susie Wolff, with the latter being the Mercedes boss’ wife and holding the top position in the F1 Academy series. However, they were not going to keep quiet about it.

When the FIA launched an investigation against the couple, Susie slammed the governing body. She was not happy with the FIA’s investigation despite her openness to being transparent about her working with the F1 Academy. The 41-year-old cited how no one from the FIA spoke to her directly, further fueling the media insinuations.

Eventually, the FIA had to drop the investigation as Toto Wolff also broke his silence to solidify his wife’s stance. Susie also filed a criminal complaint against the motorsport governing body and cited how the entire allegations saga against her had damaged her and her family’s reputation in the F1 circle.

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