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“Tattoo of teammate or team principal?”: Formula 1 drivers face the real test before the Miami Grand Prix

Janmeyjay Shukla

"Tattoo of teammate or team principal?": Formula 1 drivers face the real test before the Miami Grand Prix

Formula One drivers were asked to pick between two difficult choices such as Spiderman, and Taylor Swift right before the Miami Grand Prix

The Miami Grand Prix is right around the corner. What better way to begin the festival of racing than with some hot situations for the drivers.

Continuing on the would you rather posts, the driver faced much more difficult questions this time around. From food to Music, it was truly the biggest hurdle for all the drivers. Few ensured to have the right setup while the others fumbled.

Let us look at the some of the controversial would you rather situations below:

Eat only Applepie or Cheesecake for a day?

There are plenty of lovers of the cheesecake-like Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen, and Pierre Gasly. However, Daniel Ricciardo had a funny story to share about the last time he had a cheesecake. He said: “The last time I had cheesecake, I felt kinda sick. Tough one, if it’s from the cheesecake factory, will have to say cheesecake.” Lewis Hamilton on the other hand chose a vegan apple pie.

Win at Miami Grand Prix or COTA?

Ricciardo went with his heart and chose Austin like a true Texian while Carlos Sainz wanted to stay loyal to Austin as well. Sebastian Vettel chose Miami as the teams are yet to race there. While Alpine’s Esteban Ocon chose to win both the races.

Team up with Wonderwoman or Spiderman?

Due to the lack of knowledge about DC, Bottas went with Spiderman. Verstappen being a spiderman fan himself chose Peter Parker while his former rival Hamilton went with Wonder Woman.

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Collaborate with Dolly Parton or Taylor Swift?

Vettel had to inquire a bit regarding Parton and proceeded to sing her song, Jolene. Bottas and Ricciardo chose Taylor Swift.

Win US Masters or New York Marathon?

Verstappen despite hating both chose the Marathon alongside Vettel and Latifi. On the contrary, Hamilton, Gasly, and Schumacher went with the US Masters.

Spend a week in Hawaii or Aspen?

Hawaii is well known for its beautiful beaches and sunshine. On the contrary, Aspen is known for skiing and beautiful trees. Vettel, Verstappen and Carlos Sainz chose Aspen. Moreover, Latifi had been to Aspen already and Bottas is planning to, so they chose Hawaii.

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Work with Drake or Lil Nas X?

Drake and Lil Nas X have revolutionized the hip-hop industry. Lewis Hamilton went with Lil Nas while all other drivers enjoy Drake’s music.

Get a tattoo of a Team Principal or a Team Mate?

The most difficult would you rather question was here upon us, imagine Toto Wolff’s tattoo on Hamilton. The drivers had a situation of either getting a team principal’s face or team mate’s face. Esteban Ocon already has a tattoo of Fernando Alonso, so he is safe. Verstappen and Vettel would run away from the tattoo parlor instead.

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Janmeyjay Shukla


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