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Tom Cruise has offered Lewis Hamilton a ride in his $4 Million P-51 Mustang fighter jet

Samriddhi Jaiswal

Tom Cruise has offered Lewis Hamilton a ride in his $4 Million P-51 Mustang fighter jet

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise wants to take Lewis Hamilton up on a ride in his WWII-era P-51 Mustang fighter jet.

Lewis Hamilton has been offered a ride in a WWII-era P-51 Mustang fighter jet by his friend Tom Cruise. The Hollywood star who is also a licensed pilot owns the jet which is worth $4 Million.

Earlier this year, Lewis Hamilton revealed that he was going to be a star in the blockbuster movie Top Gun: Maverick starring Cruise. However, that dream could not be fruitful as his commitment to the F1 races collided with the shooting of the movie.

The 7-time world champion has since declared that he wants to manoeuvre a fighter jet and has clarified his love for the adrenaline rush off the track and on the runway on several occasions.

Now, given the opportunity, Hamilton revealed that he intends to take up the multi-talented actor on his offer. On top of that, the F1 star also wants to get a pilot’s license of his own.

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Lewis Hamilton shares his previous experiences with fighter jets

Recently, Hamilton posted a video of him racing the L-39 Albatross jet with his Mercedes W12 on his Instagram as part of a promotional video. During the shoot, Hamilton revealed that he was given a chance to take control of the jet.

Manoeuvring the aircraft, the 37-year-old revealed that he performed various turns with the jet including the backward loop the loops, forward loop the loops.

A few years ago, the Briton had also gotten the chance to fly in an RAF Red Arrow ahead of the British GP.

Recalling all his experiences with the jets, Hamilton told ESPN that he is looking into how he can get a pilot’s license. He also revealed that Cruise has been suggesting Hamilton to get a flight simulator, so it’s about time.

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Sports activities that Hamilton takes up to feed his adrenaline junkie

Being involved in a sport with so much adrenaline rush, Hamilton loves to feed its craving for speed through several off-track activities.

Hamilton swapped rides with Moto GP legend Valentino Rossi in 2019 as both drivers went through the track in Valencia comparing their lap times.

Last year, following the Monaco GP, Hamilton used the weekend off the track sky diving with his physiotherapist Angela Cullen.

In 2016, the Mercedes star partnered with pop singer Justin Bieber and got themselves involved in a thrilling set of sports activities from dirt biking to jet surfing.

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