“When you’re in the race car and you’ve got your helmet on, you don’t know if you’re in a Mercedes or a Williams or a Ferrari” George Russell discusses how he handle expectations and is Ferrari’s livery his favorite?

Janmeyjay Shukla
|Published March 24, 2022

Mercedes’ new star George Russell explains why he is known as Mr. Saturday and which is his favorite livery of the season

George Russell finished fourth in his first full-time debut with Mercedes. Taking that into consideration, the famous men’s magazine GQ Sports invited Mr. Saturday to have an interaction with fans and solve their queries.

Russell browsed through various social media profiles. However, let us focus on Twitter at first and learn what the Briton had to say.

Mr. Saturday staring at a component?

Starting off, a fan showed a picture of him looking at the wheels kneeled down. When asked what secret component was he looking at, he said that it was just for the camera.

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He further explained to the fans about the size of the wheel. They are of course 18 inches how difficult it will get for the drivers to race wheel to wheel. For sure George looks excited.

“Why is George hailed as Mr. Saturday in F1?” a fan asked. Russell could not guess which one of the commentators nicknamed him that. He also wants the fans to change his nickname to Mr. Sunday.

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Handling expectations at a young age

The whole fanbase has eyes on Russell’s path to success with Mercedes. Coming to a successful team at such a young age, a fan asked about how did he handle expectations.

The Briton seemed pretty relaxed and replied: “When you’re in the race car and you’ve got your helmet on, you don’t know if you’re in a Mercedes, or a Williams, or a Ferrari.”

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“Your sole focus is to drive as fast as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the front or the back. So for me, this is just another season.” he added.

“Fingers crossed, we’ll be further on the grid than I have been in the last few years. The only pressure I’ve got is from myself, and that’s been the same all of my careers.” a confident Russell concluded.

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Ferrari has the best livery according to George Russell?

We cannot lie, the liveries of the 2022 seasons have been one of the best. From the striking red of Ferrari to the pink/blue of Alpine.

All the liveries have been top-notch. Likewise, Russell was asked about his favorite livery of the season as well.

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He had three teams in his mind. The first is competitor Ferrari which as per him is ‘pretty’ and ‘cool’. The second was his former team Williams, of whom he liked the ‘Futuristic’ design and blue color. However, being a Mercedes guy, he chose the silver arrows as his favorite livery of the season.

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