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With Logan Sargeant’s Future on the Line, Unheard Radio Shows Alex Albon Help Drowning Teammate

Mahim Suhalka

With Logan Sargeant's Future on the Line, Unheard Radio Shows Alex Albon Help Drowning Teammate

Logan Sargeant’s woes from 2023 have transpired into the 2024 season, with the young American failing to make a mark in the sport. Time is running out for Sargeant and team Principal James Vowles has admitted that they are in talks with other drivers to replace him. In light of that, Alex Albon shows true sportsmanship to offer Sargeant some respite in Imola.

With a sword looming over Sargeant’s head, Albon extended a helping hand as seen in a video posted on X. The Thai-British driver saw that Sargeant was struggling and took to his team radio to relay some tips.

“I don’t know if it helps Logan, but just run at a low BMIG and then just use a rotation to go up to 7. But the lower the BMIG the better. Run it at 58%.” He later added, “If he’s struggling with understeer in turn 7, go wide. It’s better.”

Albon’s future with Williams seems secure, thanks to his good performances in 2023. But he wants to help his struggling teammate Sargeant, whose poor form has carried forward from his rookie season (2023).

Vowles, once an open supporter of Sargeant’s, admits that he has to make a tough call on the Fort Lauderdale native’s future.

However, Albon’s advice made little difference to Sargeant’s performance overall. He started in P19 and could only make two places up to finish P17. Albon didn’t fare much better as he had to retire his car on lap 51.

Williams needs to get their mechanical performance sorted out, but at the same time, they want two drivers at the helm who can score points, to avoid a repeat of the 2023 season.

Logan Sargeant is on the brink of Williams exit

In 2023, Williams finished P7 with 28 points out of which Sargeant scored just one. If the team is to make strides (with a good car in the future), they need two drivers who can contribute.

This is why Vowles is talking to several drivers and assessing his options. He insisted that the team is looking for stability in this regulatory transitional period. And one of the drivers Williams is most strongly linked to is Kimi Antonelli. Addressing rumors about the same, Formula 1 quoted him,

“There’s no doubt he’s (Kimi Antonelli) got huge skill to him, but he was in a Formula 4 car 20 months ago. That’s where he is, it’s a very different proposition to most. 

Currently, like most teams on the grid, Williams is being patient. The Grove-based outfit wants to take time before locking a long-term lineup for the coming seasons. With a number of contracts expiring this year, they will have several choices at their disposal. Only one thing is certain – Alex Albon will continue to represent the iconic British team.

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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