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With Top Teams Out, Carlos Sainz Has One New Choice Besides Audi

Naman Gopal Srivastava

With Top Teams Out, Carlos Sainz Has One New Choice Besides Audi

Carlos Sainz’s future remains up in the air with just seven months left on his Ferrari contract. He has to look for a seat elsewhere with Lewis Hamilton coming to Maranello to replace him from next year onwards, but landing a top team has proven to be difficult. Now, Williams emerges as a surprising contender to secure the Spaniard’s services.

Recently, Motorsport learned that Williams engaged in talks with Carlos Sainz. He reportedly wants to know what the Grove-based outfit can offer, to get a better understanding of their targets for the future.

With Alex Albon already on board and Logan Sargeant on the brink of exit, Williams will be looking to fill one (potentially) empty seat. Since Team Principal James Vowles is looking for a top, experienced candidate, Sainz could be a perfect fit.

At one point, Sainz was linked to Red Bull and Mercedes heavily. However, the former is in favor of handing Sergio Perez a one-year contract extension. And Mercedes’ focus lies on Kimi Antonelli becoming its driver in the near future, because of which they didn’t want to hand Sainz a big deal.

If Sainz does join Williams, however, he will have the option to be linked with Mercedes. The British outfit is a customer team of theirs and is contracted to continue using its engines with the regulation changes of 2026. There are also rumors of Audi getting restless because of Sainz’s slow decision-making. But no one knows the situation better than Sainz himself.

Carlos Sainz is well aware of the cards he holds

All reports indicate that the longer Sainz waits before making a decision, the more significant his chances of losing out on a positive project are. The Madrid-born driver, however, remains calm. He continues to focus on the present and takes time to assess his options.

Sainz admits that he knows what is going on behind the scenes. All the media has, are rumors.

At the same time, the 29-year-old won’t let any opportunity slip. He added that he wants to put all his options on the table and then make a decision.

Per Sainz, once he opens his mind up to the task, everything will happen very quickly. Until then, it is only a matter of putting everything that he feels like he needs into his new contract.

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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