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“You are a gladiator!”:Red Bull boss Christian Horner’s wife Geri left awed after realizing how F1 stars drive their cars

Somin Bhattacharjee

"You are a gladiator!":Red Bull boss Christian Horner's wife Geri left awed after realizing how F1 stars drive their cars

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has been married to Geri Estelle since 2015. The latter (known by her fans as Ginger Spice) rose to stardom in the late 20th century along with her fellow Spice Girls. Collectively, they sold over 100 million records worldwide and received numerous prestigious awards.

Since 2015, Geri Estelle-Horner has been closely associated with F1 because of her husband Christian. He’s the ever-present team principal of Red Bull racing, and the pair’s personal life was showcased in Netflix’s superhit docuseries Drive to Survive.

However, it seems that Geri did not get a taste of what F1 drivers actually feel during races until very recently. The former Spice Girl at on the inside of an actual F1 car, and was amazed at how the drivers managed to focus and get up to speed in as uncomfortable a position as that.

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner tells Geri Horner how drivers travel at 250 mph

Geri’s initial reaction upon taking the seat was that of surprise. She didn’t realize how low the seats of the drivers actually are. “This is how low they do it here?!” she asked Christian Horner. The Red Bull team principal replied by admitting to her that it was indeed that low.

In fact, he asked his wife to go even lower, which shocked her. She was left astounded at how drivers see what is in front of them. On top of that, the space was so cramped that there wasn’t much room for her to move her arms or legs.

“This is absolutely incredible. To be like what speed?” she asked Horner. He let her know that drivers travel in the excess of 250 mph in that very position. “250 mph?! You are a gladiator,” she replied.

Geri Horner’s reaction upon learning how tough it is for the drivers warmed the hearts of fans on social media. Her expressions showed genuine awe and surprise, which was something refreshing for the F1 community to see.

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