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Five reasons why CM Punk is still loved by the WWE Universe

Gokul Nair

CM Punk was one of those figures that came out of nowhere. He made his way through the Indies and fought his way up the card to steal the hearts of WWE Universe with his outspoken, devil may care attitude.

The fans looked up to him as God as no one could match his levels in all aspects. The viewers loved Punk for speaking the truth and saw him as the voice for the fans.

Despite 4 years after his departure, the fans still take his name with utter enthusiasm. Here we look at the 5 Reasons why the popular chant is still strong.

Out of respect

Despite his “not-so-long” tenure with the WWE, Punk managed to captivate the WWE Universe with his character and in-ring ability.

The struggles Punk underwent inside the company is very well known to the public after the Chicago native made it public, soon after his departure.

The fans respect Punk for his efforts during a turbulent time with the company and they appreciate him for what he has done for the business.

To annoy Triple H and the McMahons

It is no mystery that Triple H and CM Punk were not exactly best buds behind the stage, the Game was one of the reasons why Punk departed the company in the first place, which is why the WWE fans do not miss the opportunity to annoy the veteran who is not a fan favourite in the first place.

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The fans especially the ones in Chicago, have yet to forgive Triple H and the McMahons for driving their beloved star out of the company.

Fans still optimistic

There are several stars who have made their return back to the company after deeming it impossible or being in bad terms. The WWE Universe are still optimistic that Punk will eventually return back to the company once his current stint with MMA ends.

Although, th relationship between the company and Punk still sour as ever, the chants are a sign of optimisim that th “Cult Of Personality” will return back one day.

One of the few trends

Chants have become a stellar part of the product these days and the fans use this as a weapon to know their feelings about the product. The viewers are not shy when it comes to expressing themselves with several chants being heard in events with new ones being created regularly.

Just like chants “What” and “Yes!”, the Punk chants too have become main stream and a routine for the fans who find an excuse to start it to entertain themselves.

No one has replaced Punk so far

The longest reigning champion left a huge void with his sudden departure and the WWE is still in their search to fins the “Voice of the voiceless” with their current results being futile in the form of Roman Reigns.

No such wrestler has managed to captivate the audience in the post Punk era. The fans have resorted to use the chant as they have no one else to cheer for in the current product.

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