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Fnatic Valorant Acquire Guild Leo for VCT 2023

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Fnatic Valorant Acquire Guild Leo for VCT 2023

Fnatic Valorant, in preparation for VCT 2023, acquired Former Guild Member Leo in hopes of amping up their roster for the next season.

VCT teams are preparing for VCT season by acquiring free agents. Leo joining Fnatic was another such acquisition that was a shock. Fnatic dominated Champions 2022 before getting eliminated. They are the best team in Europe besides Team Liquid.

With the acquisition of Leo, they will definitely get a clutch youngster and a five-star Initiator. Leo brings tons of experience, patience, and mechanical prowess to the team. Let us take a look at Leo and this acquisition in detail.

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Fnatic Valorant Acquires Leo from Guild: Why?

The tweet above talks about Leo being the legend. However, with a team like Fnatic that consists of Talented players like Derke and Boaster, it is easy to forget how valuable an Initiator is. That is why Enzo was recognized less in VCT 2022, despite being a consistent player.

With Fnatic acquiring Leo, it will be the best place to be for the youngster since his mechanical skill will be better utilized. Additionally, an IGL like Boaster will be better suited for his plays and raw aiming skills. He will join the team with Derke, Boaster, Alfajer, and possibly Mistic.

With a deadly team like this, Fnatic is sure not to give Team Liquid and every team in America a run for their money. However, it is not just above star power, as we have seen it fail before. Even with Shroud, TenZ, and ShahZaM, Sentinels could not win the LCQ.

Therefore, whenever Leo joins, Fnatic must keep running strategies and practice coordination to utilize him better. It will be beautiful to see how Fnatic will use Leo’s raw aim and clutch potential. Leo can become a star Initiator by using Boaster’s map awareness and strategy calls.

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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