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Fortnite Wilds: Optimus Prime, Weapons, Battle Pass, and Everything Exciting in Chapter 4 Season 3

Swetabh Shekhar

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The highly anticipated Fortnite Wilds is live now, introducing a vast jungle with an ancient temple, deadly raptors, and whole new secrets to discover. That’s not all; Chapter 4 Season 3 also features the first-ever collaboration with the Transformers franchise. Bringing the Autobot, Optimus Prime, and Optimus Primal skins and a cool Cybertron weapon into the title.

There are a plethora of new artillery and firearms to try, outfits in the battle pass, new reality augments, toxic flora, and new jungle mechanics to help you excel in the wild. Moreover, now you can ride raptors, camouflage by hiding in mud, ride on grind vines, and climb up the jungle canopies in Fortnite. Sounds fun, right?

No doubt, Epic Games has left fans overwhelmed with all the brand-new content in the new season. Let’s begin with all the new content to explore in Fortnite Wilds.


  • Weapons
  • Outfits in Battle Pass
  • Reality Augments
  • Toxic Flora

New weapons and battle pass outfits in Fortnite Wilds

Let’s begin with some kickass weapons that the new season offers to the players.

  • THERMAL DMR- Equipped with a thermal scope, devs have especially crafted this rifle to make it easy for players to spot enemies in the dark.
  • FLAPJACK RIFLE- This rifle features a spinning magazine at the top, which means continuous shots with more firepower.
  • KINETIC BOOMERANG- This boomerang gets back to you after hitting the enemies. In fact, it can also cause a small explosion if players call it back early.
Cybertron Canon
CYBERTRON CANNON (Credits: Epic Games)
  • CYBERTRON CANNON- A powerful artillery straight from the world of transformers that creates a quick explosive projectile.
  • WILDWASP JAR- As the name goes, a jar full of wild wasps, but you have to collect them all in a jar. Make your enemies restless by throwing a few of these at them.

All outfits

Fortnite Wilds
Credits: Epic Games

All the outfits mentioned below are available in the battle pass except Optimus Primal’s skin. The primal outfit is available to purchase in the Item Shop.

  • ERA
  • RIAN

Fortnite Wilds: New Reality Augments & Toxic Flora

These reality augments will help you survive better in the wild of the jungle. Here are them all.

  • PRIMAL COMPANION: heal up and gain thermal vision while riding an animal.
  • WILDWASP WEAPONRY: Each elimination gets you wildwasp jars.
  • SPRINT LINES: Using grind vines, grind rails, zip lines, and ascenders gives you a slap effect.
  • SHELL SLIDE: Earn shotgun shells every time you slide.
  • SWIFT SHOTGUN RELOAD- Faster shotgun reloads.
  • RECKLESS RIFLE RELOAD: An empty magazine causes assault rifles to reload faster.
  • MEDIUM AMMO ACQUIRED- Medium ammo is acquired instantly, and you can get more ammo if you open containers.

Toxic Flora

Fortnite Wilds
Credits: Epic Games

Use the jungle environment to your own advantage, such as Bomb Flower, which explodes upon shooting it, whereas Stink Flower unleashes toxic gas. Not all vegetation is toxic. Consuming Slurp Plants will heal your health.

Want more details? Check it out here.

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