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Counter Strike 2 increases bomb radius and damage for specific maps

Shraman Mitra

A terrorrist model from Counter Strike

As the release date for Counter Strike 2 draws near, Valve has been busy tweaking and putting the finishing touches to their game. However, a recent discovery revealed how CS 2 might have increased bomb radius & damage, effectively changing post-plant gameplay.

When Valve first came out with Counter Strike Global Offensive or CSGO, they effectively changed the landscape of the FPS competitive scene. Since then, CSGO has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon, spawning numerous tournaments and events. However, players have been demanding an update for long, and Valve finally answered with the announcement of CS 2, which they touted as the most significant technological leap in Counter Strike’s history.

Counter Strike 2 or CS 2 will port Valve’s existing FPS to the Source 2 engine, resulting in better graphics. However, visual changes aren’t the only features to look forward to, as the studio has announced a plethora of tweaks and modifications that will give a fresh new twist on CS’s tried and tested gameplay. Still, with a recent Twitter (Now X) post indicating that Valve might have kept a few changes under wraps, let’s jump in and find out more, shall we?

Valve’s subtle changes might make post-plant saving difficult in Counter Strike 2

Jack “Jacky” Peters, a well-known CSGO commentator, brought one such subtle change to everyone’s attention through a video on August 29, 2023. In fact, he even rued how no one was paying attention to such a significant tweak before revealing that Valve has altered the bomb radius and bomb damage for quite a few CS 2 Maps. However, these changes were a shock even for Jack, as the studio has never discussed it in patch notes or announcements.

Jack further explained his findings on the video and claimed Dust II, Ancient, and Anubis were the only maps that would retain the same bomb damage and radius from CSGO. Other maps, namely Mirage, Nuke, Vertigo, and Overpass, have had their bomb damage and radius increased to such an extent that teams would be forced to restrategize their post-plant positioning and gameplay. The increased radius and damage were also made apparent with a visual example that showed how, in CS 2, the player would die instantly from the A site bomb in Overpass if standing near front toilets, even though that position is perfectly viable for saving in CSGO.

Such drastic changes to bomb damage and radius will surely make players rethink their saving strategies, but the news received mixed reactions from the community. Some believed this change would make a few post-plant positions completely unfeasible, while others wondered if ninja-defusing would be easier in CS 2. However, one should remember that these tweaks aren’t permanent, and we have to wait and see what Valve wants to roll with once CS 2 releases.

CS 2 is shaping up to be a jewel in Valve’s crown, and we hope it can live up to its predecessor’s hype. In the meantime, you can click here for more content on the upcoming title.

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