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Fans Rejoice as Palworld Surpasses Minecraft to Become the Most Popular Game on Xbox Game Pass

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

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Palworld has become a new sensation not just in gaming but also in the media. Aside from the Nintendo copyright issues, nothing has been able to stop Palworld from getting to the top of the most-played charts and breaking numerous records. Interestingly, before the release of Palworld, Microsoft acquired it for Xbox and it has now dethroned Minecraft to become the most popular title on the Xbox Game Pass. Fans should not underestimate this incredible success as Minecraft has been at the pinnacle of survival games for years. Moreover, despite Minecraft’s worldwide fanbase, Palworld was able to beat the title just a week into its release.

Minecraft, in essence, is really difficult to beat since it has garnered a solid fanbase over several years. The title is also heaven for modders as just a simple Google search will lead you to numerous intriguing Minecraft mods that do everything from enhancing graphics to changing the entire gameplay. Moreover, while Minecraft’s fan following has led to multiple spin-off titles like Minecraft Legends and Minecraft Story Mode, even a Minecraft movie starring Jack Black and Jason Momoa is in production at this moment. The point is that Minecraft is a difficult game to dethrone on the Xbox Game Pass and Palworld accomplished it like it was nothing.

This incredible achievement did not go unnoticed and fans were found giving their dues to the game and the devs on X. They praised PocketPair for the brilliant game and thanked them for making Palworld what it is today.

Gamers also mentioned how well-deserved this victory was for Palworld despite all of the allegations and copyright questions raised against PocketPair.

Is Nintendo’s unwillingness to launch Pokemon Games on other Platforms indirectly responsible for Palworld’s success

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(Image via Nintendo)

Nintendo’s determination to keep its title exclusive to the Switch can be a double-edged sword. The Pokemon Company and Nintendo haven’t launched Pokemon Games for other platforms and their unwillingness to do so has cost them tons of sales as well as a massive opportunity to grow their franchise outside of the Switch ecosystem. Palworld is described as “Pokemon with Guns” and their success reflects that if Nintendo did come out with a Pokemon game for Windows, it could succeed immensely.

The irony is that people, who did not own a Switch, were dying for a Pokemon game and Palworld managed to capture that market due to Nintendo’s refusal to release games for other platforms. Palworld’s core mechanics depend on “Pals” who have been compared to Pokemon tons of times. If Nintendo could come up with the open-world game that everyone has wanted on other consoles, then it could even beat Palworld. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how PocketPair deals with the issue of copyright that Nintendo is investigating.

Still, one thing is clear, Palworld has quickly etched its name as one of the fastest-spreading games of all time by beating Minecraft on the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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