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Genshin Impact Gray Crystals: How to destroy them using the power of Khvarena to destroy Gray Crystals in 3.6 update

Aaryanshi Mohan

Genshin Impact 3.6 update has come out with more elaborate world quests in the new update. One of the quests is Khvarena of Good and Evil and its sub-quest The Splendorous Sky That Day. The Gray Crystals in the game are remains of corruption and need to be eliminated.

In the quest related to these Gray Crystals,  players will be asked to “use the power of Khvarena to destroy Gray Crystals”. Here is how to use Khvarena so that Gray Crystals can be destroyed.

How to use the power of Khvarena to destroy Gray Crystals in Genshin Impact?

When players are close to the quest, the location will blink on the map, after players have entered Gavireh Lajavard. This is the newly introduced region in the Sumeru region. Once players have reached Gavireh Lajavard, they will able to start the quest.

To begin the quest, they will have to find the first location, which is marked at the North West of the first teleport point. From there, they have to enter the area that is close to the Desert of Hadramaveth.

From here, players have to find the Gray Crystals and destroy them. These Crystals have a rocky blockage and a purple outer glow, which makes it easier for people to spot them. Once spotted with the help of a golden marker that is hovering over them, players have to use their Elemental power to destroy them. It has been noticed that Claymore works best for this.

What happens after Gray Crystals are destroyed?


After the pile is broken, players have to collect the green floating orb. This can be done without much effort. Players then have to follow the orbs that will take players beyond the pile of Gray Crystals. After that, players will promptly be taken to the next part of the quest. It is known as “Go to the training grounds of the Order of Skeptics.”

However, it should be kept in mind that the Gray Crystals have to be finished quickly. They tend to respawn after a while and have to be destroyed again if players don’t finish it in time.

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