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Genshin Impact Iniquitous Baptist: How to beat and where to find the new world boss

Aaryanshi Mohan

With the new update, Genshin Impact also has a brand new world boss. Genshin Impact Iniquitous Baptist can be found when players are exploring Sumeru and its new areas: Gavireh Lajavard, and Realm of Farakhkert. The unique ability of this boss is that he can manipulate multiple elements and use them in battle.

In addition to this, he can also use these elements to reduce the damage that is being inflicted on him. Once beaten, the boss will give rewards like Evergloom Ring, which can be used to upgrade Baizhu.

He can be found via exploration. The ones who wish to reach him directly, and find ways to defeat him, can follow this guide.

Genshin Impact Iniquitous Baptist Location and How to Defeat

The new world boss, Iniquitous Baptist, can be found in the caves of the Sumeru region. His exact location is known to be the Gate of Zulqarnain. However, to access the boss, players have to unlock the new area by reaching the Seven near Temir Mountains.

He can be found in one of the caves present there. The easiest way to spot him would be via the Tunigi Hollow.

Players have to stay on the path that is ahead of them. From there, they will be able to spot three elemental lights and once you reach him, the world boss, Iniquitous Baptist will appear. Players can then engage in a battle with him.

It is suggested that players have a shield character with them at this point. They can help them when the world boss is inflicting damage.

To defeat him, players will have to destroy the shields formed by him and will have to use various elements to make him weak. This is where Nahida comes in handy. With the help of her utilities, players will be able to damage the shield heavily and will not get drained out.

This is how players can defeat Genshin Impact Iniquitous Baptist. If players want to make a whole team to defeat him, they can add Raiden Shogun, and Kazuha to their team.

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