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Does God of War Ragnarok – Valhalla’s ending leave room for a future game or DLC on Norse mythology?

Ripan Majumdar

This holiday season turned special for God of War: Ragnarok fans, as Santa Monica studio released a free Valhalla DLC. This new expansion content has been available in the game since December 12, and has received a lot of praise from the fans for the plot and the new roguelike gameplay.

The Valhalla DLC takes place after the events of the main story. After Atreus leaves for his journey, Kratos receives an invitation from Tyr to Valhalla, where he must face many ghosts from his past. Tyr wants the Spartan to succeed him as the new God of War to maintain peace across the nine realms. Yet, Kratos doesn’t want this new job, as he still can’t forgive his past crimes as a God of War.

As Kratos continues his journey in Valhalla, he learns valuable lessons from those crimes. He confronts his younger self sitting on his old throne, something he always avoided. The Spartan warrior vents his anger and frustration on young Kratos. He eventually comes to forgive himself for his disgraceful past and decides to become the new Norse God of War. But this time he would fight for peace and is respected by others.

Kratos confronting his younger self
Kratos confronting his younger self (Image by Santa Monica Studio)

From being a feared God who brought only disaster and destruction to becoming a respectful one who is a sign of hope and peace, it seems Kratos’s journey has finally come to an end. Even Santa Monica Studio claimed there would be only two games in the Norse Era. But fans still want more of that God of War action. They would love a new game or another DLC. However, is there anything left to explore in this lore?

Does God of War: Ragnarok Valhalla’s ending conclude Kratos’s romp through the Norse Pantheon?

The Valhalla DLC gives a perfect ending to Kratos’s long journey of pain and suffering. With the past no longer haunting him, Kratos can assist Freya in restoring order to the Norse Pantheon. But this doesn’t mean that it would be the end of his adventures. Despite the studio claiming there might be no new game in the Norse era, there could be DLC exploring his adventure in the new God of War.

Even if the story of Kratos has concluded with the Norse Pantheon, Santa Monica Studio has left a door open to return. The ghost of Sparta’s son Atreus is set on his journey to travel across the world to find giants. There could be a future title revolving around this plot. Moreover, fans have also shown interest in a God of War game with Atreus as the protagonist. Hence, it would be interesting to see what happens to this iconic game series.

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