Honkai Star Rail guide: How to complete the Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow mission

Aaryanshi Mohan
|Published May 26, 2023

As soon as the players start their Honkai Star Rail journey, they are faced with the Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow. As the mission proceeds, it unlocks characters that can be added to the party to proceed. This comprehensive Honkai Star Rail guide will help players walk through the mission with ease.

Besides the addition of characters, players get to see a lot of the mechanics of the game and the skills and ultimate of other characters as they help fight many enemies.

The mission is led by Kafka and Silver Wolf, who are introduced at the beginning of the game as they attempt to steal Herta’s Stellaron from the Herta Space Station.

Here is how players can finish all the sub-quests of Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

Honkai Star Rail guide: How to complete the Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow mission

First of the many missions in the game, this mission has several folds. The sub-quest has to be completed in chronological order so that players understand how the other characters work, and can also be upgraded as the mission progresses. They can be divided into the following quests:

  • Chaos in the Deep
  • Eye of the Storm
  • A Moment of Peace
  • Lingering Shadows
  • Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta
  • The Voyage Continues
  • Drifting Between the Stars

These missions start with a narration of what the aim of the mission is. This is done by Silver Wolf, who will later join the players in finishing the quests. This marks the beginning of the first sub-quest.

Chaos in the Deep

kafka in Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow mission
Credits: HoYoverse

When the first mission starts, players are handed Kafka’s control to defeat enemies. This is the beginning of various phases of the tutorial. After Kafka defeats enemies, players get to move ahead to explore the Space Station. After the area is explored, players can move to the Control Panel and head outside. Here, players will see more enemies that have to be defeated.

After the enemies are defeated, Silver Wolf joins the party and the duo of Kafka and Silver Wolf continue their search for Stellaron. As they move ahead, they come across breakable barrel sacks that give players extra credits.

Once the credits are collected, players should follow the quest markers and complete this tutorial for this stage. After the Skill Point Generation tutorial is completed, players should speak to Silver Wolf and complete the cut scene.

Eye of the Storm and A Moment of Peace

Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow mission
Credits: HoYoverse

After moving ahead, players will meet two more players. In the initial phase, they will meet March 7th, who will also join the party. At a later stage, they will meet Dan Heng.

With the help of March 7th, players will have to finish enemies and complete the Weakness Break tutorial. After the tutorial is completed, players have to collect the treasure and move to the next fight.

After defeating enemies, the party has to move ahead in search of Arlan to start the elevators. Here, players will meet Dan Heng again, and he will join the party to find Arlan. Dan will play a major role as a single target Wind DPS.

Dan Heng Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow mission
Credits: HoYoverse

A few treasures can be found on the way, and a lengthy tutorial will follow. After the tutorial is finished, players can head into another fight with the enemies with Dan and Silver Wolf.

Players should use Silver Wolf to defend as much as possible and Dan to blow hard attacks. Keep in mind that the ultimate attacks of these players have a cooldown timer and can only be used again after that.

Arlan in Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow mission
Credits: HoYoverse

Dan’s first fight would be the Voidranger Trampler and the only way to dodge the Trampler’s attack is by using back-to-back attacks before the Weakness Break ends.

The fight is finished with the help of Himeko, who saves the party and also joins them temporarily. The whole party then moves to find Asta and unlock the Warp. From there, players should follow the quest marker and find Arlan and finish talking to him to get Light Cones which will help players upgrade their character.

Asta in Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow mission
Credits: HoYoverse

Players should then head to the Master Control Zone and use the answers Up, Right, Down, and Life and Death for the questions asked. After this, players should talk to Asta again and put and end to the quest.

Players will get their hands on the Travel Log, after which they will be faced with the arrival of the Doomsday Beast.

Lingering Shadows

Hemiko in Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow mission
Credits: HoYoverse

Hemiko would join the party on a trial basis. When continuing with the quest, players have to destroy the purple canisters to regain some Technique Points. Moving ahead, players have to activate the bridge from the Control Panel. The party then continues to move ahead to find and defeat the Formidable Foe.

Hemiko in Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow mission
Credits: HoYoverse

After players have defeated the Formidable Foe, they will move ahead, to fight their biggest battle yet: against the Doomsday Beast. This might be tricky but once players defeat him, they will get their first Eidolon. After that, they have to continue their journey to meet Herta.

The Voyage Continues and Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta

Herta in Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow mission
Credits: HoYoverse

In this part of the quest, players have to meet Herta and speak to her in her office. There, she will ask the party to complete a run of the Simulated Universe.

Following that, players have to exit the corridor and find and kill enemies. This will unlock the auto-battle option and make the upcoming fights easier. Here, players will find the final boss: Voidranger Trampler who they will have to defeat. This fight must not take very long since players have gained substantial experience in battling enemies.

Once he is defeated, players can exit the Simulated Universe and exit Herta’s office, as well. From there, they will have to speak to Hemiko after reaching the Supply Zone and then talk about becoming a part of the Astral Express.

Drifting Between the Stars

Pom Pom in Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow mission
Credits: HoYoverse

This is the last sub-quest. To complete it, players have to board the Astra Express and interact with Pom Pom. From there, they will meet March 7th and Dan Heng. After this, players have to interact with the sofa and the next quest will begin.

So, that is all for the first quest of Honkai Star Rail. Players can keep a tab on all the upcoming missions and quests by clicking on the Honkai Star Rail page.

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