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NAVI crush Heroic at ESL Pro League to book semi-final against FaZe

Danyal Arabi

NAVI crush Heroic at ESL Pro League to book semi-final against FaZe

The quarter-finals at the ESL Pro League have concluded and the top four teams have been decided. After Cloud9 and ENCE triumphed in their quarter-finals, it was FaZe and NAVIs turns to step up in their respective matches. After taking down forZe and Heroic, respectively, FaZe and NAVI will headline semi-final 2 of ESL Pro League Season 17. Here’s how NAVI took the series for a chance to deny FaZe Clan a shot at their Intel Grand Slam.

NAVI beat Heroic in 2-0 fashion at ESL Pro League Season 17 quarter-finals

Heroic raised some eyebrows right at the map veto, allowing Anubis through over their reliable pick of Ancient. After floating Ancient, a map lineup of Anubis, Inferno, and Overpass was decided.

Starting off on Anubis, which was NAVI’s pick, Heroic started off on the CT side. Despite a rocky start, Heroic managed to stabilize and win the half 8-7. However, swapping to the T side, Heroic wasn’t able to capitalize on their advantage.

NAVI won the second pistol and managed to streak together five rounds. After a few nade stacks and plays by Heroic, they managed to break through with 4 rounds of their own. Heroic fell short at the final hurdle, going down 16-13.

Moving to Heroic’s pick of Inferno, viewers expected the Danish squad to take the series to a third map. However, S1mple and co. managed to close the series 2-0. Heroic was consistently on the back foot, even struggling to close out man advantage situations. On the T-side, Heroic lost the half at 7-8.

Despite a fairly even half, Heroic’s woes continued on the CT side. A few aggressive mid pushes by Heroic fell flat, consistently giving NAVI the economic and round advantage. Heroic won only one round in the half, losing the game 16-8 and setting up a FaZe vs. NAVI semi-final.

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