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“Couldn’t Ask for a Better Husband”: After Winning the Core Hydration Classic, Simone Biles Feels Blessed to Have a Supportive Partner

Radha Iyer

“Couldn’t Ask for a Better Husband”: After Winning the Core Hydration Classic, Simone Biles Feels Blessed to Have a Supportive Partner

Simone Biles‘ journey as a star Olympian would be incomplete without her family and friends, who have been her cheerleaders throughout. This has been something she has constantly reiterated in various interviews, especially while speaking about her husband, NFL icon Jonathan Owens.

Since their courtship and marriage, the football safety has always been by her side through the occasional bumps and hurdles. Recently, when she made it to her first checkpoint for the Paris Olympics at the Core Hydration Classic, she knew she had him cheering for her from the sidelines.

Later, in an Instagram post, Biles shared an adorable moment of her kissing him during the competition, drawing adoring reactions from fans. Revealing her gratitude towards the moment and her husband, she penned a heartwarming note for Owens in the caption.


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“my whole heart…the best supporter, I couldn’t ask for a better husband”

This led to a series of comments from fans who were awestruck by the couple. Owens was the first to reciprocate his wife’s feelings.

“There with you every step of the way…”

Sister Adria couldn’t stop gushing about the couple and expressed her adoration.

“the best sister and hubby bubby…”

Fellow Olympian and Core Classic contender Sunisa Lee got emotional watching them express their love for one another.

“i love this !!”

Childhood best friend Rachel Roettger seemed happy for her too.

“love this so much…”

Lastly, many fans pointed out how they spotted Owens expressing his excitement and delight at Biles’ successful vault moves.

“How beautiful! I saw the footage of your hubby’s reaction to your vault. So great to have such an enthusiastic and supportive partner. Best wishes to you both.”

This week was a shining moment in Biles’ career since her return to conquer the upcoming Olympics. Her first pit stop was the Core Hydration Classic that would lead her to the ultimate nationals – the Xfinity US Gymnastics Championships.

Simone Biles stunned with an all-around win on her road to Paris Olympics

The path to the Olympics may have many milestones to conquer but Biles has been steadily speeding ahead this season. In a historic get-together, she participated at the Core Hydration Classic this week along with fellow Olympians Sunisa Lee and Gabby Douglas. Together, they partook in various events, intending to make it to the final Team USA.

To no one’s surprise, Biles stunned at the event, eventually bagging the gold for the all-around category, followed closely by Shilese Jones and Jordan Chiles. Meanwhile, Lee won the gold for the beams and qualified for the nationals as well. The only disappointment came from Douglas’ unfortunate accident at the uneven bars, prompting her to withdraw from other events. Yet, she also qualified for three national events, which means the women will meet again at Fort Worth for the nationals.

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