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“Haven’t Been This Excited in Years”: Simone Biles’ Road to Paris Olympics’ Recent Pit Stop Has Gymnastics World Thrilled

Radha Iyer

“Haven’t Been This Excited in Years”: Simone Biles’ Road to Paris Olympics’ Recent Pit Stop Has Gymnastics World Thrilled

With the Paris Olympics fast approaching, Simone Biles has already set her eyes on the prize. A secure place on the USA Gymnastics Team alongside two more senior Olympians – Gabby Douglas and Sunisa Lee would be her ideal goal for the season.

The US Core Classic, taking place on 17-18th May, will be a step closer to the Paris Olympics for Biles. Meanwhile, the championship has already made history by bringing together all three Olympians under one roof to test their best skills.

Currently, fans are rooting for all three of them for different categories of Olympic gymnastics since each has a separate set of skills they’ve mastered. Still, the pressure on Biles to redeem herself is sky-high, with fans following every move.

The official page of Team USA posted an update on the Core Classic featuring a video compilation of Biles rehearsing for her comeback. Gymnastics enthusiasts have been thrilled to follow the Olympian on her journey so far, and this post further fuelled their excitement.


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“I honestly haven’t been this excited in years!”

Many were thrilled to see her attempt and succeed at dangerous moves that once bogged her morale down.

“she’s twisting!!! i’m so proud of her”

Stunning the audience with her aqua blue studded leotard, fans were starry-eyed as they watched her do justice to the costume.

“The leotard is everything!!! So stunning!!”

Known for her famous Yurchenko double vault, the video gave a glimpse of a pike move that impressed an enthusiast.

“She turned in her pikes for a pair of layouts on the vault. This girl is incredible!”

Finally, despite standing at 4’8, Biles’ ability to jump up high never fails to stun the audience.

“The amount of height she gets completely shocks me every time”

If all goes well, the gymnast star could get closer to her Paris Olympics goals, giving her the chance to finish what she started. The energy seems to be pulsing through both her and her coaches, which will hopefully keep them fueled for the season.

Meanwhile, Simone Biles has also received love for another achievement

As if her return wasn’t enough for fans to look forward to this Olympic season, Biles has once again proved to be the queen of the athletic world with yet another achievement. Although she’s not a foreign recipient of the 2024 Laureus World Sports Awards, having bagged three of those in her career so far, Biles managed to stun the audience once again this year by winning the ‘Comeback of the Year’ category.

The category had some tough contenders, including footballer Sébastien Haller and South African rugby union player Siya Kolisi. Biles thanked the academy for making her dreams come true and clarified that this was her time to practice with all her might, having a clear and calmer mind. If all goes well, history might repeat itself, and she might dominate the podium.

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