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“Aging Slower Than 99% of 20 Year Olds”: Fitness Icon Bryan Johnson Shares His Journey to Achieving Optimal Health

Radha Iyer

“Could Change the Future of Humanity”: Bryan Johnson Reveals Going Through an ‘Extreme Medical Procedure’ to Live Longer

Fitness icon Bryan Johnson has gained popularity for his attempts to reverse the effects of growing old. For years, the millionaire has cultivated an outrageous routine that is supposed to help him remain youthful in terms of looks and physical parameters. Recently, he revealed that his techniques may have finally brought his efforts to fruition, with his blood work indicating some positive results. 

Johnson declared that he was aging slower than most 20-year-olds and put up some stats on the community tab on his YouTube channel.

He began by referring to widespread research about observing longevity in elite athletes who could run a mile within four minutes. Johnson’s physical capabilities seem akin to those of an athlete who could achieve that, thus increasing his chances of living longer.

“I am now aging slower than 99% of 20 year olds and am in the top 1% of:
+ Muscle mass & function
+ Fat mass
+ Inflammation
+ Cardiovascular fitness
+ Bone mass
+ Sleep
+ Combined clinical markers”

Johnson recalled how three years ago, before he embarked upon his arduous journey to age in reverse, his physical health was anything but stellar. Being a CEO, he had developed unhealthy habits while fighting through chronic depression in his 20s.

A busy schedule also prevented him from caring for his basic needs, including good nutrition, sleep, and self-care. That’s when he decided to give it all up and take a scientific route to bring some changes to his body.

“Three years ago I wasn’t in a good place. A lifetime of consuming a sad American diet of fast food, junk food, and processed sugar. Fighting through ten years of chronic depression in my 20s. And entrepreneur martyrdom, doing anything for professional success…”

While he took immense pains to reach the optimum level for good health, Johnson firmly believed that the common man could easily pull off something similar by easier methods. For this, he developed a customized stack available for fitness enthusiasts to purchase.

Bryan Johnson endorsed his $333 ‘Anti-Aging Basics’ trial

Many people involved in the wellness field have been following Johnson on his journey for a deeper look into the science of reverse aging. He, therefore, found the perfect opportunity to gather everyone for a similar experience with the help of a structured ‘Basics’ blueprint.

The millionaire and his team introduced a 90-day trial period for the blueprint plan, which included the bare essentials of his routine that could still provide optimum results. The goal was to provide elite levels of nutrition within 410 calories, including a meal, supplements, oil, drink mixes, and so on. For $333, Johnson guaranteed that the results would be worth the expense, and it amounts to a price cheaper than ordering and binging on junk food for prolonged periods.

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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