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Longevity Fanatic Bryan Johnson Reveals His Thoughts on Dana White’s Superhuman Protocol

Radha Iyer

Longevity Fanatic Bryan Johnson Reveals His Thoughts on Dana White’s Superhuman Protocol

Many experts from the health and wellness world have presented their own theories for enthusiasts to choose from, which may or may not have favorable scientific backing. Gary Brecka’s Superhuman Protocol for UFC CEO Dana White has caught the eye of many wellness experts, including Bryan Johnson.

Known for his fascination with longevity and biological ageing, Johnson founded his own health and wellness company – Blueprint – to help others like him. After having dedicated himself to longevity science, he came across several scientific studies that helped him perfect a schedule that worked for him. Recently, he decided to watch how Dana White dealt with his physical setbacks to see if he could do something different.

Brecka’s protocol for White consisted of advanced equipment along with the usual intense workout and diet plan that enhanced his well-being. From including electromagnetic waves to red light therapy, these over-the-top machines were mostly aimed at healing.

However, Johnson expressed his slight skepticism about it all, especially after noting how expensive some of the equipment was. While he appreciated White for taking firm steps toward his health and fitness, he couldn’t help but question some of the machines and the scientific evidence behind their promises.

“What we did at Blueprint is we combed through all the scientific literature and we tried to find the best evidence for health span and lifespan increase…this is not to say they’re not legitimate, this is just to say it didn’t pass our assessment.”

Therapy techniques like cold plunge and red light panels have been a fad for quite some time, and wellness experts often talk about their scientific side avidly. However, Johnson specifically didn’t find them necessary or compelling enough to include in his longevity blueprint.

“…the power laws that drive our day-to-day consciousness – it’s sleep and diet and exercise – these are the hard things…if we want to make a meaningful change in how we feel and how we look and what we’re trying to do in life.”

Overall, Johnson did not dismiss the protocol completely but did feel that he would do things differently. His Blueprint ‘Basics’, which is available for the masses, contains the most essential elements for overall well-being.

Bryan Johnson Reveals $333 Plan to Boost Longevity and Anti-aging

Over the years, Johnson has been through several routines and protocols that one may consider whacky and unorthodox but have worked out for him. The former Kernel CEO, who decided to take a strong step toward his health, dedicated himself to the study of anti-aging and longevity. This eventually prompted him to undergo various experiments and routines and eventually led to the commencement of Blueprint.

A few months ago, he announced a ‘Basics’ plan for the layman, with flexible costs and a relatively easy way to follow a diet plan. It aimed to be a 90-day trial, substituted about 400 calories from one’s diet and included drink mixes, supplements, oil, and a meal. The idea was to design the most nutritious food program in history, and many even felt like he made it.

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