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Host cities for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics all but confirmed

Utkarsh Bhatla

Host cities for 2024 and 20128 Olympics

Host cities for 2024 and 20128 Olympics

The Olympic extravaganza becomes about a sporting fervour in the world, with countries all around the globe cheering on their athletes in order to help their country climb the Olympic medal tally.

While television provides you with all the necessary action, it is the host city that gets to be in the thick of things. Athletes moving around, festive atmosphere soaking everyone in and loud cheers brimming out of every possible stadium. It’s a different feeling, a different ecosystem.

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Paris and LA have been fighting off each other to get the 2024 games, but it now seems like Paris will get the nod, as LA has decided to back off, letting Paris hold the games on the 100th anniversary of the city’s 1924 games.

LA will now be in line to hold the 2028 Olympic games.

I am proud to announce the Olympic Games are coming back to the United States of America,” said the Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti.

“In 2028, we are bringing the Games back to LA, one of the great capitals of the Olympic movement. A city that has always been a Games changer and will be again in 2028.” he added.

The decision would be announced by the International Olympic Committee on the 13th of September in Lima.

With LA deciding to opt out of the 2024 games and the IOC declaring that it would like to provide both cities with the opportunity to host the games, it is highly likely that Paris would host the 2024 games and LA the 2028 Games.

LA had initially bid $5.3 billion for the 2024 games and will be financially compensated(or waived off) for being deferred.

“The IOC contribution as stipulated by the HCC is $1.8 billion and has the potential to exceed $2 billion according to the evaluation of the LA bid committee when taking into account the estimated value of existing sponsor agreements to be renewed and potential new marketing deals,” said the bid committee.

The agreement however would have to be agreed upon by Los Angeles City Council and the United States Olympic Committee, as they had provided their backing only for the 2024 games.

Thomas Bach, the IOC President is confident that everything would be worked out and Paris and LA would be declared as the next two host cities.

“We are very confident that we can reach a tripartite agreement under the leadership of the IOC with LA and Paris in August, creating a win-win-win situation for all three partners,” he said.

“This agreement will be put forward to the IOC Session in Lima in September for ratification.” he added

Happy that my friend @MayorofLA has made an important new step on an agreement that will have three winners: Paris, Los Angeles and the IOC #Paris2024.” Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Twitter.

Garcetti also ensured that LA wouldn’t suffer any losses for accepting the games this early, as even a natural disaster wouldn’t cause much trouble to their plans.

“Los angeles is resilient. I’m not worried about those things. We aren’t going to see sports go away. We’re not going to see stadiums disappear.”

When you look at those risks, sure in some scenario if the entire Earth falls apart probably the Olympics aren’t happening in Los Angeles. We’re going to have a great Games here in LA.” he concluded.

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