How to Use Chamber Effectively in Valorant

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published 04/11/2022

For Valorant Players, Chamber is a quick and easy agent to improve their aim without paying the price of death.

To say that Chamber is still a Meta agent is an understatement. The guy can anchor a site alone without the help of any other Sentinel but combined with Killjoy and her turrets; the setup becomes impenetrable.

Today we will look at how you can effectively use Chamber, even if you haven’t unlocked him yet or are a new player. Let us look at the five most valuable tips.

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How to Play Chamber in Valorant: 5 Tips

5. Take the High Ground

Your teleport anchors can let you get into some pretty wild spots where the enemies may not expect you to be. Use them to your advantage on top of boxes, walls, and more. This tip is constructive on the defensive side since enemies have to check multiple corners; they will not expect you to be on top of boxes.

However, you need to be unpredictable in placing those teleports. Doing the same thing over and over again will get you killed.

4. Play Ratty Angles

Another advantage of playing Chamber is that you can get away with playing the most obnoxious corners. Getting a ratty kill and teleporting out is one of the most annoying yet better ways to get an advantage over the other team.

Suppose you are pushing A short on Haven; make sure you put a Teleport on Site and one in the Corner you are holding. Get a kill, TP out, and place a trip on short so the enemy cannot push and trade you out.

3. The Headhunter is your Friend

The Headhunter has eight deadly bullets, which can give you a kill with a straight headshot. The range does not drop the damage like the Sheriff, and it is faster than switching to your secondary. So if you are caught reloading, whip out your Chamber Pistol and go to town.

2. You are a Sentinel, Not a Duelist

Remember, even though Chamber feels like a Duelist, he is not. You cannot always fight two or three players at the same time. Granted, you can teleport away, but there is always the risk of dying. When attacking, ensure you are watching the initial peek and quickly return to the flanks.

1. Tour De Force

The Chamber Op is a game-changer if done right. You can find the whole round with five of those shots. It is as fast as the Marshal and as powerful as the Operator. Use those shots wisely, take your time to aim, and do not panic. Chamber rewards players with strong fundamentals.

Make sure you do not get over-aggressive and fight multiple enemies from the same angle. Get a kill, Teleport out, and set up on another angle. Aim training is a must.

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