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Is Pokemon Go the cause of low turnout in Rio Olympics 2016 ?

Sivaramakrishnan S

Low Turnout in Rio Olympics 2016

Empty Stadium

Owing to low turnout in Rio Olympics 2016, the Brazilian Olympic Committee authorities have met with Pokemon Go game developers and have requested them to release a few rare Pokemon’s in the stands of Brazil stadia. The turnout is believed to be low due to multiple reasons such as lesser Pokemon’s, terrorism threat etc.. And hence this extreme measure was taken by the authorities.

The authorities took the flight route over Syria and crossed a few other unstable regions to promote peace over the region. It is also reported that they threw a few Friendship cards from their flight on the way in order to celebrate Friendship Day. “Simple acts such as these will help bring peace with terrorists. Now that visitors are less, we hope at least the terrorist will make up the numbers” says one official who for the fear of his life doesn’t want to be named.

This has irritated leading US presidential candidate Donald Trump. He has called back his compatriots, a few of the visitors who have travelled to Rio to return or else risk their passports getting cancelled once he comes to power.

On enquiring one of the other Brazil authorities he says “I’ve studied marketing and I learnt that once a product becomes rare, its perceived pricing goes really high. MBA has taught me so many stuffs that I couldn’t for the lifetime of me have known otherwise. It includes learnings such as how lower availability can jack up prices. Hence we want to introduce rare Pokemons in the field. I hope this strategy works.”

Low turnout in Rio Olympics 2016
Pokemons are found outside the Olympic stadia only

Even the younger generation of Brazilians don’t enter the stadia owing to Pokemons roaming outside the stadium. They have their mobile handsets and go around the boundaries of stadia where the events take place. When one of the local guys was asked about Olympics, he replied “I know no Olympic. Is it powerful than Pikachu? ”

We would like to remind our readers here that Japanese are the creators of Pokemon Go game. The timing of its release just before Rio Olympics 2016, seems innocuous but has disrupted the plans of potential visitors. 2020 Olympics is in Japan. On linking the dots, it seems that in order to show a record increase in the turnout, Japan is believed to have removed all Pokemons from Brazil. However this conspiracy is yet to be investigated and ascertained.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction

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