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Jinder Mahal is expected to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Raktim Nandi

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Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal was treated as quite a big deal when Hulk Hogan unveiled the concept in front of the WWE Universe.

The First edition was exciting as Cesaro won by body slamming Big Show over the top rope, mirroring Hulk Hogan’s iconic body slam on Andre The Giant.

But, the problem is that Cesaro never got a big push after the win. He was made a Paul Heyman guy for a short time, but then the hype descended.

The second season was won by Big Show, who was long past his prime, but it was at least a fitting tribute to the spiritual successor of Andre. Baron Corbin shockingly the won the Third Edition, and is still viewed as a main event material.

The credibility of the battle royal was decreased when Mojo Rawley won the fourth edition with a little from The Gronk. Now, the battle royal is largely seen as a joke, and fans have even pleaded WWE to remove it from the Mania card.

But this year, it’s going to be different. Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal will reportedly be an important part of the show this year. HBO is making a documentary on the “Eighth Wonder Of The World” and WWE wants to capitalize on it.

Now, who can win it? According to the reports, Bill Goldberg is being considered to win the event.

Some reports suggest that Jinder Mahal will win the battle royal which will help him regain his lost position as a main event material. Incidentally, Mahal was attacked by Rob Gronkowski, who helped Mojo Rawley eliminate Mahal and win the battle royal.

Whoever win it, it’s for sure that the Andre The Giant Battle Royal will be treated with respect this season.

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