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“Just clear the f****** ball away man”: Granit Xhaka Rages As Arsenal Concede Late Equaliser To Slavia Prague

Gautam Kapoor

Arsenal were held to a 0-0 draw on the day

Nothing is working for Arsenal at the moment. After being ripped apart by Liverpool in the Premier League, the club went to battle with Slavia Prague in the Europa League in a bid to keep its campaign alive.

A match which many envisaged would be a saunter in the park for Arsenal turned out into a horrid affair for the club. The club was made to huff and puff for its goal, one which took as late as the 83rd minute in coming for the side.

However, that Nicholas Pepe strike looked set to earn the club a much needed win on the night. Looking headed for a crucial advantage, Arsenal typically lost their heads on the pitch as the side collapsed under the brunt of immense attacking pressure.

Letting in a goal in the tailend of the contest, Arsenal were not only refrained to a draw on the night but with it also allowed Slavia Prague to walk away with a pivotal away goal. And to make matters worse for the club, tempers flared at the end of the 90 minutes.

Xhaka Left Livid

Midfielder Granit Xhaka was particularly incensed with the player caught ripping into his compatriots. Overplaying the ball didn’t go down well with Xhaka as he bellowed, “Just clear the f****** ball away man.”

Manager Mikel Arteta resonated Xhaka’s emotions as he ended Arsenal had ended up shooting themselves in the foot.

“We missed some big, big chances, I must say, but then we played two or three balls in certain areas we should not do,” the Arsenal boss said.

“We put ourselves on the back foot, we concede the corner and from there, they put a lot of bodies in there and anything can happen.

“Obviously it changes a lot of the feeling for after the game.”

“We need to win the game. The mindset is going to be to go there to win the game,” he continued.

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