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Kevin Garnett Hypes Up Dennis Schroeder and Evan Fournier’s Brawl at Olympic Qualifiers

Advait Jajodia

Kevin Garnett Hypes Up Dennis Schroeder And Evan Fournier's Brawl At Olympic Qualifiers

A friendly game against France and Germany was not so friendly after Evan Fournier and Dennis Schroeder began a massive brawl. The video of both players grabbing each other’s necks has taken the internet by storm. Obviously, a large group of basketball supporters are concerned by the behavior. However, Kevin Garnett seemed to be entertained.

With the Olympic Games 2024 around the corner, Garnett used this moment to hype the prestigious competition. Loving the fact that things are getting heated between teams, KG cannot wait for the event to be “real”. The Boston Celtics legend expressed his opinion in his Instagram Story. Sharing a clip of the reel, he also wrote:

“Oooo it’s getting chippy already… Olympics about to be realll asf”

During the first half of the battle between two of the best European nations, Schroeder was fouled hard by Fournier. As a response, the MVP of the 2023 FIBA World Cup confronted the Frenchman by grabbing his jersey. In retaliation, Fournier dangerously choked the guard.


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The officials didn’t show any mercy as Fournier was pulled out of the game. Despite the veteran guard being ejected, France defeated the World Champions. Backed by Victor Wembanyama’s 25-point performance, they won 90-66.

Even though both players were seen hugging and embracing each other later, a small rivalry has certainly formed between the nations. Enthusiasts like Garnett would love to learn that France and Germany are set to face each other at least once in the Olympics. With the virtue of both teams being part of the same group (B), they will face off on August 2nd.

Kevin Garnett was certainly going to love the altercation

It isn’t surprising that KG enjoyed the scuffle from the preparatory game for the Olympics. During his playing days, The Big Ticket found himself amid such physical altercations on a nightly basis. It almost seemed as though Garnet needed to get involved in a brawl to unleash his true game.

Apart from the physical altercation, Garnett also loved getting into verbal spats with his opponents. Playing mind games with the players he went up against, KG loved getting fired and testing their limits by non-stop trash-talking.

Dubbed as one of the most lethal trash talkers in NBA history, Garnett would not show mercy on any opponent regardless of the situation. Here’s a clip of Iman Shumpert trying to explain the same on an Uninterrupted podcast:

“I was doing the (Kevin Garnett) sh*t at (Paul George) once I realized what the f**k he was doing. That’s what I became. Like I started doing that. I didn’t do the whole like, the extra sh*t he be doing. Like, we was on the free-throw line, n**** be like “I smell blood!” Like all that extra sh*t. I’m like, “Bro, I ain’t got time for some bald n**** sh*t… Yeah, the man used to go off the deep end.”

The Kid wasn’t one of the most decorated big men in the league’s history. However, his harsh ways of testing opponents cemented his legacy as one of the toughest players to go up against. Coupled with his incredible work ethic, there can never be another individual quite like Kevin Garnett.

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