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Lionel Messi refuses autograph on fan’s Rosario Central jersey

Atharva Khadilkar

Lionel Messi refuses autograph to a fan after she asked him to sign on a Rosario Central jersey, who are a big rivals to Messi’s boyhood club, Newell’s Old Boys.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi is one of the most admired stars across the world. Wherever he goes, it is certain for him to be surrounded by a huge number of people asking for autographs and photos. While the Argentinian does return the love received from his fans, there is a video of him going viral in which he refuses to sign a fan’s shirt.

After close observation, it can be concluded that the fan had asked Leo to sign a shirt that bore Rosario Central’s colours. Messi, being a lifelong fan and a former player of Newell’s Old Boys refused to sign the girl’s shirt. The two clubs are arch rivals out of Buenos Aires from the Argentine football division.

So basically, asking Messi to acknowledge Rosario’s shirt would be as much as asking him to sign a Real Madrid shirt for you- something that has really low probability. The fan was clearly outraged upon being snubbed by Messi and was recorded to be calling him ‘passionless’ by a journalist.

Messi has spent six years of his life at Newell’s Old Boys before joining Barcelona. The club’s vice-president, Cristian D’Amico, has hopes of bringing the little man back to the Lepers towards the twilight of his career and give the Santa Fe crowd to see one of the world’s greatest on a weekly basis.

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“I am convinced, like many of my peers, that we can make history as a club if we get the best player in the world in a Newell’s shirt. I think we’re going to get the pleasure of Messi wearing the shirt.”

Watch the video here:

“Imagine a game with Messi in the Coloso [Estadio Marcelo Bielsa], with the press around the world. The sponsors who would come… that would make a difference economically, apart from the sentimental value, and could make a big difference to clean up the debts.”

Messi has said in past interviews that the only club he would ever leave Barcelona for is Newell’s.

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