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Liverpool legend claims they “cheated” Premier League rivals by giving their faded star on huge sum

Tanish Chachra

Liverpool legend claims they "cheated" Premier League rivals by giving their faded star on huge sum

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher claims they “cheated” Chelsea by giving Fernando Torres for a record-breaking fee, as his form declined.

Fernando Torres moved to Chelsea from Liverpool which caused massive outrage by Liverpool fans against the Spaniard, but on the economical side, it was a win by Liverpool and the were able to sign Luis Suarez on the same night.

Now amidst the lockdown, Jamie Carragher and John Terry, two legends from Liverpool and Chelsea respectively, had an interesting talk organized by ‘Sky Sports‘ in which they discussed their rivalry, and the talk of Torres came in.

“He couldn’t believe it. I mean he knew we had cheated on Chelsea. He had played with Torres for the past 12 months and was a shadow of himself. I think for 18 months in Liverpool he was the best striker in the world,” explained Carragher.

To which Terry replied: “It’s interesting. From Chelsea’s point of view, he was the striker he hated to play against. He always seemed to score at Anfield or at Stamford Bridge,”

“Benayoun, who was close to him, told us that Fernando He was on his way, and we thought, We are going to dominate the Premier League for the next five or six years. That was our thinking of playing against him and seeing him,”

“I think he had such a good record against Chelsea that it stuck in the owner’s mind. He scored two goals against Chelsea that season when we won 2-0 with Roy Hodgson,” said Carragher.

And I think Roman Abramovich probably made the decision then. £ 50m was big money back then, and we were all in shock. Of course, we were devastated by Torres’ departure, but I couldn’t believe we got £ 50m. ”

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Torres went onto have an unsuccessful spell at Chelsea but he compensated for the hefty price in one night when he scored the goal against Barcelona in the Champions League 2012 semi-final to guarantee his team the finale berth in the tournament which they eventually went onto won.

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