Man City vs Liverpool title race – Analysis of the last 10 Premier League fixtures

Rishabh Gupta
|Published 01/03/2019

The Premier League title race between Man City and Liverpool is heating up as we enter the final ten games of the top flight.

The Premier League title race is finally here. There are likely to be two eventualities – Liverpool winning the league title, or Manchester City retaining its title. Both the clubs have never achieved the respective possibilities.

Liverpool are currently a point ahead of Manchester City at the top of the table. It increasingly became a two-horse race for the Premier League trophy with the turn of the year, as Tottenham continued to drop points to the extent that Pochettino’s side looks shaky in securing a top four spot.

The competitive standards set by both, Liverpool and Manchester City have been quite high throughout the season. While Liverpool have secured more clean sheets than the goals they have conceded, Guardiola’s men have netted in 75 goals – the highest in the league so far.

The coming ten games will decide whether City will defend the crown or Liverpool break the deadlock which began in 1991. How do the fixtures for both the teams compare? Who has the upper hand? Let’s take a look:


Next 10 fixtures:

  • 03/03 Everton (A)
  • 10/03 Burnley (H)
  • 17/03 Fulham (A)
  • 31/03 Tottenham (H)
  • 05/04 Southampton (A)
  • 14/04 Chelsea (H)
  • 21/04 Cardiff (A)
  • 26/04 Huddersfield (H)
  • 04/05 Newcastle (A)
  • 12/05 Wolves (H)

Luck has played a part in Liverpool’s campaign throughout the season. As the side enters the final ten games of the season, the Reds face a comparatively easier set of fixutres as well.

Jurgen Klopp’s side faces the challenge to their first-place credentials in form of their Merseyside rivals Everton this week. Liverpool travel to Goodison Park to safely negotiate points against Everton.

One of the biggest boosts for the side is that they have played the away games against all the top six sides. However, Liverpool will host Tottenham and Chelsea – the two sides which will be battling for a top four spot. Maurizio Sarri hasn’t fared well against the top-six sides this season, but never doubt a man who’s fighting to stay in the job.


Liverpool face Fulham, Cardiff and Southampton, which could be a double-edged sword. As the season comes to a close, all the three sides face a relegation battle. The fact that they face Liverpool at a time when a possibility for promotion may still persist could hamper the side’s dream for a first Premier League title.

Liverpool’s last three games are against Huddersfield, Newcastle and Wolves. If the title race does come to the final game of the season, Liverpool will have the tougher opponents. Also, securing points at St. James Park isn’t easy – as Manchester City knows very well.

Manchester City

Next 10 fixtures:

  • 02/03 Bournemouth (A)
  • 09/03 Watford (H)
  • 30/03 Fulham (A)
  • 06/04 Cardiff (H)*
  • 14/04 Crystal Palace (A)
  • 20/04 Tottenham (H)
  • 24/04 Manchester United (A)
  • 28/04 Burnley (A)
  • 04/05 Leicester (H)
  • 12/05 Brighton (A)

(* – subject to change due to FA Cup)

Guardiola’s side is in the FA Cup, which adds extra matches to their schedule. Manchester City are also likely to qualify for the quarterfinal of the Champions League.

A hectic schedule is worsened by back-to-back games against Tottenham and Manchester United within the space of four days.


The side faces another tough trip to Burnley four days later and hosts Leicester City, now managed by Brendan Rodgers – the former Liverpool manager who painfully conceded the title to the Blues in 2014.

Moreover, City faces Crystal Palace on the same date when Liverpool hosts Chelsea – a repeat of how it played out in 2014.

Quite awkward, that.

With the firepower in Manchester City’s attacking lineup, they shouldn’t have problems in their five upcoming games – Bournemouth, Watford, Fulham, Cardiff City and Crystal Palace. Guardiola will hope that Brighton won’t be fighting a relegation battle on the final day of the season.

So, who’ll win?

It is too close to call at this moment. Tottenham are very unlikely to crash the party, and both Liverpool and Man City look on course for one of the closest title races in recent years.

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