Cover Image for $10.5 billion Joe Tsai needs to keep Kevin Durant’s a** in Brooklyn, according to Stephen A Smith

$10.5 billion Joe Tsai needs to keep Kevin Durant’s a** in Brooklyn, according to Stephen A Smith

Advait Jajodia
|Mon Aug 15 2022

Stephen A Smith goes on a passionate rant to explain why Joe Tsai must demand Kevin Durant to stay and play for the Brooklyn Nets.

Ever since Kevin Durant demanded a trade from the Brooklyn Nets this past summer, several analysts and basketball enthusiasts from around the world have been attacking him for his loyalty. Different personalities have had different reactions to KD’s decision of wanting out.

Stephen A Smith, who made an appearance on “First Take” after several weeks, didn’t approve of The Durantula leaving the New York-based franchise. Initially, the ESPN analyst criticized the management for hiring an inexperienced Steve Nash as the head coach. SAS screamed on the new set of the show:

“Steve Nash, no experience, never even coached high school. Didn’t coach high school, didn’t coach college, didn’t coach pro, but you wanted him as your head coach. I’m Joe Tsai, I’ve given you every damn thing you wanted. You can give me a championship run legitimately with all of y’all on the court together. Y’all only played about 29 games together.”

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“If I’m Joe Tsai, Kevin Durant ain’t going nowhere”: Stephen A Smith

The 54-year-old then stated that the Nets were going to pay the 2014 MVP over $360 million, and attacked Kevin for wanting to leave even before his $198 million extension kicked in.

“I mean, give me a break. I haven’t gotten a return on my investment and then you commit, last summer, to a 4-year $198 million deal that came on top of the $164 million, right? Last time I checked the $198 million, $164 million, that’s about $361 million, okay? That’s what I paid you, and all I got to show for it is one playoff victory because you want to bounce? One!? Not even one day on the contract, you asking to be traded cause the contract kicks in now.”

Smith concluded by stating that Durant should stay with Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons at the Nets, who are among the few favorites to win the East.

“You ain’t going no damn place. You gon stay your a** right here, and you and Kyrie and Ben Simmons… I got arguably the favorites to win the east. I’m not saying Miami, Boston, and Milwaukee can’t do it. But I got, arguably, the favorites to win the east. You ain’t going no damn place. Maybe next summer we can talk about this. You gon give me this year, with a full team on the court. Kevin Durant stays here. If I’m Joe Tsai, your ass ain’t going nowhere, you staying right here.”

Well, as of now we don’t know what decision the $10.5 billion worth Brooklyn owner is going to take and what eventually will that mean for Durant’s future.

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