Cover Image for $150 million movie star’s interview with Charles Barkley ends up with him in the nosebleeds!

$150 million movie star’s interview with Charles Barkley ends up with him in the nosebleeds!

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Sun Aug 14 2022

Charles Barkley’s mouth has always been running, even when he was in the league. So when Jamie Foxx interviewed him, the two talked nonstop!

Throwing it back, all the way back to 1997 when Jaime Foxx was just starting out in Hollywood. And what better way to assimilate yourself into the crowd of the rich than by talking to NBA players?

So, he takes a camcorder, and a videographer, and starts trying to talk to the Rockets players as they run out for their games, unfortunately, he gets ignored by every single one of them.

Later, he manages to get a sit down with Charles Barkley! And it goes as you would totally expect it to, very comical!

The interview starts off with questions like “Who’s the ugliest player in the NBA?” To which Charles replies “It used to be Manute Bol, but he (is) gone now.”

The two jabber on and reach a consensus on Tyrone Hill being the ugliest, “he’s a good player though!” says Charles. Looks like Hill got caught in the crossfire.

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Charles Barkley and Jaime Foxx talk about NBA, and later he “hooks him up” with the not-so-best seats in the house!

The two are loudmouths, they love talking, heck that is exactly what the public likes about Barkley, and that is exactly why we enjoy Jaime Foxx’s movies.

So, they continue talking about NBA players. The first one is Allen Iverson. Charles says “AI’s got a bad hairdo, but is a great talent” he goes on to rant about his hair stating multiple times how horrible the braided cornrows are!

Jamie then says, “Shaq done movies”, Charles’ immediate reply was, “bad movies!” It would seem the banter between the two started long before their cohabitation on Inside the NBA.

The two then start ruminating, “If there was a movie on Charles Barkley, who would play him?” asks Jamie. “Somebody who’s tall dark and handsome, a Denzel Washington, or a Sydney Portier,” says Chuck.

“Denzel can start young and Portier can finish old, cause like (as) I said, I am an international sex symbol” Charles adds. It looks as though he has had the charisma from a long time ago.

The interview ends with Foxx saying “my friend Charles told me he’d hook me up with the seats” but he looks baffled as to why there is nobody around. As the camera zooms out, we can see Charles fooling him and giving him seats in the nosebleeds! Classic.

As of today, Jaime Foxx is worth well over $150 million and has starred in numerous blockbuster movies. As for Barkley, he continues to run his mouth on national TV and get paid for it.

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