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1x All-Star Drops a Hot Take About Drake Despite Once Calling Him Better than Michael Jackson

Trikansh Kher

1x All-Star Drops a Hot Take About Drake Despite Once Calling Him Better Than Michael Jackson

Last year, former Hawks player Jeff Teague made headlines for his controversial take, calling Drake a better artist than pop king, Michael Jackson. Teague’s comments came in the wake of Drake dropping his album “Scary Hours 3“. Giving Drake his props, Teague took to his show, Club 520 Podcast, where he said the following,  “Drake probably the best artist in the world besides Michael Jackson, and he might be better than Michael Jackson.” 

After Drake’s recent controversy with Kendrick Lamar, it seems like Teague isn’t feeling the Toronto rapper as much. In fact, the former NBA guard honestly told his podcast co-hosts during a recent episode of his podcast that, “I ain’t gonna lie, I really ain’t a Drake fan no more…I never was though.” 

Teague’s co-hosts burst out laughing at their colleague’s 180 degree turn, as they had to remind him about his previous take on Drake, “Damn that quick…After we got killed for that Michael Jackson take..” 

The 2021 NBA Champion then clarified his previous stance, telling his co-hosts that he hasn’t been a Drake fan for some time now. Teague even reminded his colleagues that he hasn’t liked a Drake project since he last listened to ‘Certified Lover Boy’, Drake’s 2021 hit album. The former Hawks player did confess to liking two of Drake’s songs from the 2021 hit album, mentioning tracks “LSU” and ” Papi’s Home” as his two favorite tracks. 

Teague had called Drake better than MJ

On his prior album “For All the Dogs”, Drake tied Michael Jackson for the fourth-most number one hits of all time, with his J. Cole collaboration “First Person Shooter” going number one as well. The above-mentioned track even had references to Drake’s groundbreaking achievement. Teague, who at the time was a Drake fan, decided to shout out the Toronto-based rapper, calling him the greatest, while also comparing him to pop legend Michael Jackson.

Talking about the comparison, Teague took to his podcast, where he further added to his comments, “I ain’t say he was a better performer. Let’s be for real, I fu*k with Michael Jackson. I’m saying, we talking about like a real artist, like Mike didn’t write a lot of his sh*t. He was a singer…He just passed him for the (most number-one hits). That’s a fact.”

While Teague is definitely correct with his statistics and numbers, artists are often judged on their impact and cultural relevance as well. Jackson remains the “King of Pop” almost three decades later, while Drake’s contribution to the genre of RnB and Hip-Hop isn’t quite the same. Jackson single-handedly dominated the scene, and laid the foundation for singers like Drake. 

Post Edited By:Satagni Sikder

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