284 lbs Zion Williamson Calls Out Fans for ‘Fat Shaming’ him, Asking Them to Imagine Their Kids in his Situation

Arjun Julka
|Published 08/11/2022

Back in the limelight, post being out for the entire 2021-22 season, Zion Williamson finally opened up on the constant trolling and criticism he faced surrounding his weight. Touted as a generational talent, the buzz around the former Duke sensation never seizes to die, be it on or off the court.

At the time of the draft, Zion stood at 6ft 6″, weighing 285lbs. Many viewed the former ACC player as a physical specimen, given his freakish athleticism and ability to dominate in the paint. However, the former first-pick in the 2019 draft did have his issues on the weighing scale.

The Pelicans forward’s body type made him susceptible to injuries, which included suffering a meniscus tear during the preseason of his rookie year to a recent Jones fracture in his right foot, Zion’s health remains a matter of concern, something for which he has been mocked regularly.

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Recently, Zion opened up about being subjected to constant body shaming, especially during the time he was rehabbing from a fractured foot.

“Imagine if somebody talked about their child how they spoke about me”: Zion Willamson hits back at trolls fat-shaming him.

During his time off last season, Zion had visibly packed on quite a few pounds, leading to him becoming the favorite subject of trolls. The former All-Star had reportedly shot up to close to 300lbs, fueling various conspiracy theories, including one being his wanting out of New Orleans.

The Pelicans forward even had the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley poke fun at him.

Nonetheless, Zion would surprise everyone with his transformation during the off-season, toiling hard in the summer as he worked on his conditioning, leading to him dropping down to 284lbs. As he returns to the hardwood this season, the Pelicans forward looks in great shape, continuing to posterize his opposition.

“What people don’t understand is, even the writers and stuff, if they have children of their own, imagine if somebody talked about their child how they spoke about me, Zion told Fox Sports.

The 22-year-old added,

“Critiquing my body, critiquing how I look. Every time they talked about me, it was about weight, how bad I looked. I don’t even think they realized what kind of impact that can have on you.”

Recently, Zion signed a 5-year $193 million extension with the Pelicans debunking rumors of him not being content in New Orleans. However, a clause in the contract states that the All-Star forward will have to keep his weight and body fat under check.

Early reports coming in suggest Zion Williamson will have an impactful year.

Zion has shown no signs of rust despite coming off a grave injury last season that had him an entire year of action on the hardwood. The former Duke sensation continues to exhibit his dominance in the paint, showcasing his freakish athleticism.

In the 8-games played so far this season, Zion has averaged 23.1 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 4.1 assists on 53.9% shooting from the field.

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