Cover Image for 6’6 Charles Barkley never complained about making $8 million less than Scottie Pippen, unlike the Bulls legend

6’6 Charles Barkley never complained about making $8 million less than Scottie Pippen, unlike the Bulls legend

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Thu Aug 11 2022

Charles Barkley has firmly established himself as an NBA icon.

Sir Charles‘ universal fame and his accolades talk for themselves. This, despite a championship ring being missing from the Chuckster’s incredible resume.

The former Sixers, Rockets, and Suns star was once MVP of the league and one of the most dominant forwards to have played the game. The “Round Mound of Rebound” is one of the most accurate monikers earned by a player in recent history.

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While he is worth about $50 million, the Chuckster could have made a lot more had he burst into the scene a bit later. NBA salary cap rules and the CBA changed the game when it came to player contracts.

However, even prior to the same, in comparison with his peers, it would appear that Barkley was criminally underpaid. While upon closer inspection, it would appear that quite a few stars shared the same fate, Barkley’s, in particular, went under the radar.

This, particularly, in the light of Scottie Pippen‘s undervaluation becoming a public spectacle through The Last Dance.

Was Charles Barkley underpaid even in comparison with Scottie Pippen?

If Scottie Pippen felt justified in doing what he did, Charles Barkley could have too. Barkley was a better player in his prime and was league MVP once. Regardless, even in his MVP season, Barkley earned less than Scottie.

The difference? Barkley never made a scene of things. Never one to air his dirty laundry, Chuck accepted his bad contracts and played to his best.

In career earnings, there is a staggering difference of around $69 million between Chuck and Scottie. Comparing the time they shared together in the league, this figure drops to $8 million; still a considerable drop.

Scottie had the fortune of earning a big BAG after the 1998 season. Unfortunately, the rise in income coincided with Barkley’s twilight and Chuck never benefitted from the same.

If likeability is to go by, the 6’6″ Chuckster is definitely the richer man. But unfortunately, that’s not the conventional measure of things to go.

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